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Thread: Help Me Please

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    Help Me Please

    Has anyone delt with a company called pinacle savings. They said to send a western union to canada, and u would get the money in 24-48 hours. Sent to your bank account. The guys name is Edmund Richards. Is this a scam?

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    Re: Help Me Please

    yes... pinacle savings is a scam. I personally went through them after costing me 800.00 I still never seen the loan they promised. I worked with edmund richards.. I have contacted the bbb and they are now working on the case.. Just be aware after you compile with the insurance agreement their phone number will be disconnected and you will have no other way to contact them. BIG SCAM!!!!!!

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    Re: Help Me Please

    Now they've made it to have their very own warning post on the British based scam warning site: Data Wales index page ...Data Wales

    "Recently we have seen an increase in reports of very dubious loan offers. We feel sure that this page will soon expand and become the scourge of the fake loan scammers. Examples follow:

    Edmund Richards, EDITEDpinaclesavings.com, Pinacle Savings, EDITED Alexandria, VA. Langston Bailey, Karen Ocklowsky, FIRST FEDERAL TRUST LENDING, EDITEDfirstfederallendinggroup.net."

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