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    Dental Planet/BuyDentalEquipment.com - SCAM

    Dental Planet/BuyDentalEqupment.com - Use of bait and switch; breaches contract.

    If you are a dentist, or other specialist, and are looking for equipment, please read the following before working with Dental Planet, or BuyDentalEquipment.com.

    I strongly suggest NOT purchasing from this company or becoming affiliated with them in any way. Once they are paid for equipment you order, their customer service disappears, and you will not likely be able to contact any representatives from their company again. Once you have the equipment in your office, you will be on your own.

    If you are a medical equipment repair/installation technician, I also advise NOT being one of their dealers either. Dental Planet/BuyDentalEquipment.com will promise you a percentage of every equipment sale you bring to them - and even put it in writing. They will NOT pay the commission they owe. As a repair company owner, I'm speaking from the only experience I've had with this company. A commission payment has been owed to my company for an equipment deal since May 2011. The latest excuse I was given by the VP of sales, is that the company is restructuring and can't afford to pay right now. I found out that this company has changed ownership and filed bankruptcy several times - reopening under a different name.

    The people you want to reach do not answer the phone. None of them return phone calls, messages, e-mails, or voicemails. The company does not respond to certified letters, and have also ignored 3 response requests from the Better Business Bureau in the state of Texas.

    The principle issue has driven me to try and let others know that it's in their best interest to stay away from Dental Planet, BuyDentalEquipment.com, and anyone affiliated with them.

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    Re: Dental Planet/BuyDentalEquipment.com - SCAM

    In response to the previous post regarding Dental Planet, I feel it is also fair to express the following:

    As explained in an earlier report, our company had submitted an equipment order early 2011, and was owed a commission payment for that equipment order since May 2011.

    As stated before, it became evident that Dental Planet reps would be extremely difficult to contact, and they would make little effort to contact me or return any messages. It also seemed apparent that we would not be receiving the commission payment owed to us.

    It took several months, but Dental Planet corrected the issue. The V.P. of sales also made a follow-up phone call to apologize, explain what had happened, and to make sure payment was received.

    I feel the public should be made aware of any company that may "wrong" them, but should equally be made aware if that same company corrects the issue.

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    Re: Dental Planet/BuyDentalEquipment.com - SCAM

    I've been trying to talk to these people for over a week, no luck. I ordered equipment with my credit card,..they charged the card about a month ago,..now they won't take my phone call. They told me they would have someone "get back to me",..about a week ago. Now, when I call, I am disconnected!

    Their online "CHAT" is a joke: they don't answer that, either.

    I smell a rat.. I'm gonna try and have the charge to my credit card cancelled.

    Dentists: I suggest DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SITE.

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