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    Corrupt Lawyers!!!

    Beware of Mr. John Frederic Head, Attorney # 03077 of Head & Associates, P.C. of Denver, CO! He attempted to over-charge me for representation back in April of 2011, regarding an excessive retainer. This lawyer persuaded me to come to his office at 9:30 PM to sign some papers which I thought was odd since those wasn’t normal business hours, but I went anyway thinking that this lawyer had my best interest at heart. I went through the door and realized there were no other clients or staff in the office, so I basically went in and knocked on his office door in which he motioned me to come in. I took a seat and waited for him to end his phone call, which he did after giving me a strange smile. He hung up the phone and stood up to shake my hand, but I noticed he held it a little longer as usual. Then I could tell by the directions of his eyes that he staring at my breast, so I let my hand drop and sat back down. He went back to desk to flip through a few files and pulled out a document that I was to sign, and it was basically a retainer form that basically said I had to pay $3,000 up front to retain his services for my civil matters. When I explained that I couldn’t pay that, he came back and sat next to me and placed his hand on my right knee and said perhaps we could work something out. I became uncomfortable and immediately pushed his hand away and stood up and went for the door. I thanked him and told him I wouldn’t need his services, and he laughed at me as I left his office in tears.

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    JOHN FREDERIC HEAD, Attorney in Denver, CO.

    JOHN FREDERIC HEAD, Attorney Registration No. 03077, is hereby PUBLICLY CENSURED.

    People v. Head. 09PDJ042 (consolidated with 09PDJ092). May 18, 2010. Attorney Regulation. The Hearing Board publicly censured John Frederic Head (Attorney Registration Number 03077). Respondent failed to reduce a flat-fee agreement to writing and deposited his client’s advance fee into an operating account, re******* the sum eight months after his client requested return of her money. In an unrelated matter, Respondent collected money from clients to pay their third-party vendor costs for service of process but failed to timely remit those funds to the third-party vendor. Respondent’s misconduct constitutes grounds for the imposition of discipline pursuant to C.R.C.P. 251.5 and violated Colo. RPC 1.5(b), 1.15(a), 1.15(b), 1.15(c) and 1.16(d).

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    13 Reasons Why John Frederic Head Is A Bad Lawyer

    1. He takes bribes
    2. He lies and tells you that your case is now mysteriously shaky
    3. He encourages you to take settlements that any decent person would call unfair in light of the damage
    4. He loses key evidence
    5. He deliberately fails to file important documents, adversely affecting your legal rights
    6. He purposely discloses too much of your case and legal strategy to the opponent
    7. He shows up late for important hearings and court dates and reeks of alcohol
    8. He doesn’t show up to most important hearings and court dates
    9. He consistently fails to return your calls and correspondences
    10. He refuses to introduce available evidence and witnesses that would bolster your case.
    11. He over-charges you a retainer!!!
    12. He constantly sexually harasses his female clients and promises to help them for sexual favours!!!
    13. He is protected by the Law Society in light of his corruption, misrepresentation and blatant disrespect for the U.S. Constitution

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