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    Investors like the look of MLM nutrition companies

    Plenty of people regularly take nutritional supplements in an effort to boost their nutrients or enhance dietary goals. Among the top believers are some of the famous athletes, particularly skiers, speed skaters as well as tennis, basketball, and football players. Some are Olympians, including Jennifer Heil, an Olympic Champion Mogul Skier. Runway fashion models and red-carpet film stars are also among celebrities who are hot on nutritional food aids. Actor Tom Cruise created quite a controversy in 2005 when he criticized Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressant pills rather than vitamins to fight post-natal depression.

    The nutrition food business has developed into a global and steadily growing multi-billion dollar industry. In the U.S. alone, consumers seeking an edge in staying fit and healthy spent some $117 billion on nutrition foods last year, with nutritional supplements taking a 24% share of that market. The rest are split among “functional” food, which had a 34% share, natural-organic food with 33%, and household-care products with 9%.

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    Re: Investors like the look of MLM nutrition compa

    Yup - I wonder if people are smart enough to know that just because Wal-Mart makes billions in profits - and was a good investment - does NOT mean its a good idea to be an associate working there....

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    Re: Investors like the look of MLM nutrition compa

    Speaking of Usana....

    Interesting article HERE.

    "He’s got the number 47278, which is an old, old number. (We’re talking 15 years old.) Why would someone want an old number? Because it comes with an established downline."

    It seems they might have a bigger problem with ethics besides their interest in nutritionals.
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    Don't be another "$50 a bottle" sucker....best of all you know exaclty what's in it. Click HERE.

    Here's a good one....
    "That's why I changed my 'story'".
    Where else can you find this nonsense besides here?

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