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    Joe Papay Phoenix Handyman Con Artist

    Joe Papay (also known as Craftsman and Design Services) (phone number 4803639411), defrauded me of nearly $20,000 over the course of a year. I live overseas and employed Joe Papay to do work on 3 properties I purchased for investment.
    His original quote to complete renovations on my properties was $10,000. However he continuously requested I pay him more money until I had given him nearly $20,000 and had no more money left. I then had people check on the properties in Phoenix to discover he had completed almost no work on the properties.
    I discovered I had been the victim of a scam artist.
    I am writing this in the hope that no one else will be a victim of this con man.
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    Re: Phoenix Handyman Con Artist Joe Papay

    The woman that posted this statement is in fact herself a fraud. She is a slumlord that puts in substandard equipment in the homes she wants to fix and is in fact at the moment trying to evict a tenant that is completely paralyzed, has a wife that works full time and children. In addition, she has left this family with no AC for months and now in the coldest part of the year she has not provided any heat. She is trying to give them 48 hours notice with no where to go four days before Christmas. She is an Australian business woman that doesn't want to pay for any services that she requests in the United States, always portrays herself as the victim and claims she is in a bad financial situation.

    She contracted me as a virtual assistant and I have dropped her as a client because she refused to pay for my services and I will not help evict that family.

    She also represented Joe as her property manager to the tenants and when he learned of the family not having AC or Heat, having a leaking garbage disposal, and no hard running water in the only shower that can hold a shower chair for the completely disabled man, he offered them lowered rent until the repairs could be made. When Ms. Australia learned of this she promptly fired Joe and tore up the lease for the tenants and began trying to charge them for the repairs.

    She is currently seeking a pro-bono lawyer to recover monies from Joe and one to fight the tenants for the monies she feels she is owed.

    She is hiring people over the net and then refusing to pay. Beware providers and professionals. She is also seeking property managers that will work for no upfront fees and 10% of the monthly rent.

    I am a reputable VA in Arizona and I have never met Joe but when I decided to contact him I found the libel that is printed here. I want any one who is willing to listen to know the truth. I have pictures and emails and I also have spoken to the tenant.

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