This company out of Dublin, Ohio, also known as Worth Point, has dealers who do their own thing without accoutability to the customer. I ordered an item, that turned out to be shipped from the P.O. without my ability to track it. They just went to their P,O after billing me significantly for shipping, and when the recipient still didn't get the item, past the alleged promised date, I was hung up on, when I called the dealer long distance to find out about tracking.. my numerous e mails were ignored. She didn't want to admit that there was no way to track the item. Now I use Internet commerce all the time, and someone always gives me tracking number or has one themselves. Am I dreaming. I noticed that this Goantiques company has a D minus rating at BBB and numerous complaints. I am apalled that they would make a to do about the shipping charges, and then pocket the money that was allegedly used to send items by UPS or USPS TRACKING. What kind of liability risk are these people taking if items are lost..