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    Big crook,cheat,fraud criminal-Martin Wang

    I have been cheated by this supplier on Alibaba.They claim that their factory is feixian caiyuan wood co.ltd but the export company which has the license to export is shanghai yanghang cuijiu international trade company. This information is mentioned in the first communication and the PI and sales contract mentions the name for shanghai company as this company has the exporting rights. But this company called Shanghai yanghang cuijiu is not on Alibaba site. The site which is there on Alibaba.com is Feixian caiyuan wood co. whose owner is Martin Wang and his contact information is mentioned on the website. His contact number is 13761775619. He never used to interact directly with me in the past and used his employees Jessica and Belinda to talk to me but these two seem to be no longer working with him after they discovered his frauds and cheating tricks. Even they know that he has cheated me but they were afraid of speaking against him because he is a very dangerous man and is not even afraid of threatening innocent women. I gave him order 3 months back after finalizing all the material specifications along with prices. After finalizing the contract i sent him $2330 T/T deposit which was 15% of the total value as agreed in the contract. Few days after sending the deposit they told me that raw material price has increased and they want to increase prices. After discussions I agreed to their request and agreed for the hike in prices. At that time they send me second contract/PI with all the quality specifications. After almost 1 month they told me that material is finished production and asked me to send balance 45% by TT and 40% by LC. After I send the LC, they again asked for a price hike by saying that the raw material prices have been hiked again. I again agreed to price hike for the third time but became suspicious and told them to send material photos and told them that my agent in china will come for material inspection. I told them that I will pay the balance 45%TT only after my agent gives me material inspection report. These crooks then asked for my agent's mobile number and this Martin Wang called her and offered her bribe to give me wrong inspection report and talk in his favour. His employees in the meanwhile sent me pictures which were not as per quality specifications mentioned in the contract. Once the agent informed me about this discussion i told Martin Wang that I will myself come for inspection of material. He first told me that I can come for inspection but when I told him that I am coming to Linyi he asked me not to come as he has already sold the material in the local market. He further told me that he made a loss of $2500 by selling the material in local market and all this was done without informing me or without my permission. When i reached linyi in November along with my agent and asked him if we can come for material inspection in his factory he refused and told us not to come to his factory. When i asked for my deposit back from him he said that he cannot return the money.When my agent called him he said that he can return only $400 if I give him one more order and give him more deposit. I refused to take his offer and came back to India and posted about his cheating tricks all over internet. He then started threatening my agent in china by calling her during midnight and by sending her rude sms messages. He only stopped threatening her only after she complained about him to local police. I have proof of whatever I have told .This martin wang is a big criminal/crook.He can do endless discussions and has the capability to eat your head by talking endlessly.He has floated 6 companies namely- Feixian Shining Plywood,Julong wood factory,Shanghai Sunmax wood products,Feixian Caiyuan wood,Shanghai yanghang cuijiu international trade company and Huali wood factory. Dont understand what type of cheating plans he has in his mind and how many more foreign buyers he want to cheat. I want to catch this crook and teach him a lesson. they are spoiling their country's image and soon china will lose its reputation because of these crooks and chinese exports will be badly hurt if chinese government doesn't takes action against these frauds and scamsters.

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    Fraud Martin Wang should be put in Jail

    This crook Martin Wang has now floated 2 more companies. Now the total number of fraud companies floated by this scamster is 7. dont know how many more such frauds and scams this criminal wants to do and what cheating plans he has in his mind. If any one is able to find more information about this crook then request all of you to post the info on the web. Lets join hands and ensure that we put this crook in Jail. Here are the list of his fraud companies with his communication address and contact numbers:
    Shanghai yanghang cuijiu international trade company,
    Shanghai Yanghang Commodity Co., Ltd ,
    Feixian Caiyuan plywood,
    Feixian Shining Plywood,
    Julong wood factory,
    Shanghai Sunmax woodco.
    Caiyuan Plywood Co.Ltd.
    Office Address:Suite 616, Hudong Building, No. 814 Pudong Avenue, Shanghai, China
    TEL: 86-539-5616618
    FAX: 86-539-5616326
    Mobile number:13761775619
    Please all of you be very careful from this crook and criminal MARTIN WANG.

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