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    Integrated Health Concepts, Inc

    I would like to know how many people have had issues with this outfit. I have found them to be unscrupulous and quite frankly a rip-off!

    The purport to be a company that sells products that assist in the rehab of injuries and pain.

    The products they sell are very cheaply made, they are not what the the description says, not even close. The company will not return your money! They are rude and very mean spirited, especially some guy named *****.

    their website is pure BS!

    has anyone encountered this scam company?


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    Re: Integrated Health Concepts, Inc

    Typical-case prototype conceptualization modes are “used in drawing inferences about category members in the absence of any special contextual information. Ideal-case prototypes allow us to evaluate category members relative to some conceptual standard…Social stereotypes are used to make snap judgments…Salient exemplars (well-known examples) are used for making probability judgments…Reasoning with prototypes is, indeed, so common that it is inconceivable that we could function for long without them.”

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