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    www.filmfunds.com SCAM!!

    For all you aspiring film makers and writers. BEWARE of these guys!!!


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    Re: www.filmfunds.com SCAM!!

    So you come here, create an account to do one post, and that is to mindlessly accuse a big film community website, that is really helping us artists, of being a scam...

    First of all, I am one of the filmmakers on filmfunds.com, I have an account, and I've even visited their office in Santa Monica. Great bunch of people, high ******, and super cool offices with a large screening room where they screen films to the industry.

    Second of all, you're confusing a legitimate site with an indie film fund scam ring that was busted a while ago, these guys have nothing to do with this.

    I suggest you go there, visit the guys and check out the place before making absurd comments about it being a one man scam operation. There are at least 15 people in that office, lol.

    If you check out their social media profiles (which are of great help to aspiring filmmakers), they have over 100,000 fans on facebook...how's that for a scam operation?

    Do some research before posting claims like this...

    //Bruno - producer/director

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    Re: www.filmfunds.com SCAM!!

    Lol, it seems like the original poster is promoting her own "scandal blog" and that the second poster is in love with this site.

    I have several friends in the movie industry, I will check with them and let you guys know what they say.

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    Re: www.filmfunds.com SCAM!!

    Gee, Bruno, so you joined and wrote 3 posts in rapid succession. In one, you are a filmmaker. In the next, you are a Rotarian. And in the next, you sell Herbalife.

    For your info, it looks as if tens of thousands of fake profiles were created on the FilmFunds site - which you are not the owner of, certainly.

    Such a cool groovy website.

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    Re: www.filmfunds.com SCAM!!

    I am on of the filmmakers on filmfunds too. And I've also been to their office in Santa Monica. All the whole I can see why people are defending them. and yes, they do have a full staff and seem nice, etc. etc.

    But, while they may not be an all out scam (they never ask you for money) they're also not very legit. The website looks impressive, but is kind of a mess. The video quality is bad. And the website's features are hard to navigate. I still dont know how to upload cast albums, or share clips, or reward fans for "liking" my project. From the looks of other profiles, it looks like I'm not the only one.
    Also, when I talked to the people they said they would actively campaign for my film and try to bring traffic to my project via social media. 6 months later, and there's no evidence that they've done this.
    When I called to ask about it, I found out both the people i talked to are no longer with the company.

    Not exactly a SCAM, but ultimately not worth your time.

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