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    I got scammed - verizon scam

    I received a call saying I was randomly selected to receive a $50 credit on my Verizon phone bill. The only "catch" was, that I would not receive it until next month. I said, oook...that's fine with me. And then he said he needed to verify with my acct. pw so, silly me.. I gave it to him. My next bill comes in and instead of a $50 credit, there are $800 in equipment charges. My brother just ordered an iPhone on our family plan, so I texted him asking what the heck?! He said he bought it in the store w his cc...and then he called Verizon. We are in ID and the phones were sent to IL. Anyway, I quickly realized how this had happened via that strange "credit" phone call. I immediately called Verizon and they said this matter would be handled urgently. She said they don't mess around with fraud. Well, almost a week later, I called to follow-up and they hadn't even looked at our ticket. This prompted them to research and my brother just received a call from them and they are insinuating that we are in on this.

    That is the most frustrating part for me. So, someone is going to be able to continue to get away with this because Verizon is not urgently nor thoroughly investigating. I am really upset.
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    Re: I got scammed - verizon scam

    That must have been really frustrating. If I was in your place, I'd feel that way, too. There's been a lot of these scams happening lately and root cause is usually identity theft.

    This credit card scam is nothing new. Scammers pose like agents from big companies and try to get your information. That purchase you supposedly made, they could have processed that when they got your account password. You have all your information in your online account and that's something very crucial.

    Well, right now, there's not much you can do but wait for the investigation to finish. Be cooperative and if they'd ask you to send some proofs or something, do so. Report this incident to local authorities as well so they can run a separate investigation. This should prove to Verizon that you are in now way connected to this scam.

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    Re: I got scammed - verizon scam

    By the way, did you know that something like this happened to several others, too? I've read a lot of these scams reported to this consumer complaint site http://www.callercenter.com and unfortunately, some did not get their money back. Victims usually get a call or a text notifying them of a problem with their bank accounts and telling them to call a certain phone number for assistance. But that phone number turns out to be an accomplice and victims unknowingly provide bank details to "confirm their identity." They'd just learn later on that all their money from their bank accounts have been withdrawn and it'd be close to impossible to get it back.

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