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    CDA Law Center - Performance UNsatisfactory

    CDA LAW CENTER: On or about February 2011, I paid CDA Law Center (of Mission Viego, CA) approximately $2,500 to represent me in a home loan modification request.

    According to a CDA spokesperson, the CDA attorney representing me quit the firm without notice, after claiming to be at the tail end of negotiating my case. However, I came to find out that my loan had been sold to another lender a full 30 days BEFORE CDA claimed to speak directly with the Lender, who allegedly requested an additional piece of information.

    My NEW lender now claims there is no evidence of any modification request in the file.

    I attempted to speak with CDA Law Center's Senior Attorney, Robert (Bob) Scurrah to get to the bottom of this. I wanted an explanation of what had transpired with some kind of documentation showing that I had been represented in a professional and legitimate manner.

    After a full month of being given wrong numbers and misdirection, Mr. Scurrah returned my call.

    Mr. Scurrah refused to discuss why his (now defunct) attorney/employee claimed to be negotiating with a lender that had sold my loan some 30 days previously. Mr. Scurrah refused to allow for any possibility of error (on CDA's side) when I relayed that the new lender claims there is no reference to a home loan modification request anywhere in my file.

    Mr. Scurrah stated I was an angry and vindictive person to have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint. Mr. Scurrah agreed to assign another attorney to my case, for a TBD hourly fee (above and beyond the $2,500 I had already paid) ... but only if I dismiss the BBB complaint.

    To date, Mr. Scurrah has not provided a single sheet of paper showing that CDA had been corresponding (or even ATTEMPTING to correspond) with my former lender on my behalf.

    To date, Mr. Scurrah has made no attempt to return my files and release me as a client.

    I find this behavior unprofessional and certainly not worthy of my hard-earned dollars. I have since applied for a modification ON MY OWN with the new lender and anticipate a successful modification shortly - NO THANKS to CDA Law Center.

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    Re: CDA Law Center - Performance UNsatisfactory

    After CDA LAW CENTER appeared to have dropped the ball ... I filed for a home loan modification MYSELF - for FREE - and had it approved in record time.

    I have serious doubts as to what work CDA Law Center did (on my behalf) to justify the $2,500 they deducted from my checking account.

    Although appearances can be deceiving, CDA's refusal to discuss the details of this case, leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

    For anyone initiating a home loan modification request: do yourself a favor. Save your money and apply yourself. CDA Law Center, and their 5-lawyer team along with $2,500 of my money, failed to accomplish what I did for free and in a fraction of the time.

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