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Thread: pimp my bank?

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    pimp my bank?

    hello everyone,

    just wondering has anyone heard of that site "pimpmybank?
    it's seems way too good to be true. so it most be.

    Please let me know :confused:

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    Re: pimp my bank?

    hmm so its called pimp my bank huh? I think its totally legit. I mean something thats pimp couldnt possibly be a scam...
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    Re: pimp my bank?

    This guy is selling advice memberships for $50 each

    Note the daily sales chart on the proof page...

    Since it does not say what he is selling, one may fairly assume the revenue is from the $50 memberships (unless the numbers are completely fabricated).

    I'm guessing his advice is to emulate the concept of his SCAM by luring in people and selling them memberships to nothings. Once the momentum picks up, the numbers look more enticing, thus attracting more [naive] victims.

    Cost = $50, Value = $0, SCAM SCAM SCAM

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