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    Pacquiao Marquez 3 Controversy

    Ok just watched the Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 fight on HBO and in my opinion Marquez won the fight by two rounds. Lederman has got Pac-Man fever and is blinded by the celebrity status. Pacquiao clearly was more active but the power shots by Marquez threw Pac back and squooshed his face. One judge had it even and the other judge winning by 5 (he's high), and the last judge Pacquiao winning by two. Marquez gave up the last two rounds due to his trainer telling him he was winning the fight (idiot).

    Marquez won the fight by 1 to 2 rounds, no doubt. I have been watching boxing my whole life and even the announcers during the whole match agreed with me.

    I hope they don't fight again. 3 was enough. The first 5 rounds were lame, they will just get more conservative and next time we wouldn't see action til the 8th round, so why bother?

    I'm going to coin this phrase:

    Let's get ready to STUMMMMMMMMMMBLE !!!!!!
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    Re: Pacquiao Marquez 3 Controversy

    I disagree. Pacquiao won the fight by successfully defending his title. As a challenger, Mr. Marquez's aggressiveness is not only expected, it's lacking if you put it in the perspective that he was fighting to get the title from a defending champion. Pacquiao wasn't there to beat any opponent up, he was there to defend - and he did that successfully. Thoughts?

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