So my house needs a new roof. I have been calling around trying to get people to look at it and give estimates. Then I call Homefix and after 3 hours with their salesman I don't know if he is offering a good deal or a long line of BS.

I called just a day ago and today a very slick, fast talking "vice president" shows up and does a very hard sell on us. Without even looking at the roof (I know he couldn't have because he didn't go up there and it was already dark when he arrived) He says he wants to use us as a model home for the area and in return will do the job at cost, but only if we can the very highest pkg most expensive roofing job they offer. He then goes and measures the house while we watch this stupid corporate video.

He then gives us the estimate which is about 5 times what we were getting from other people. As a model home though he can knock that down to about half. And as I was still leery of the whole thing he then says he "might" be able to get his boss to knock off some of the labor charge. I said go ahead and try and he leaves and comes back after about a minute, shakes my hand and says his boss agreed and I've got a new roof!

He talked a lot about how they are licensed and bonded and insured and all that. How they use only their own trained roofers and don't subcontract. How they stand behind their products %100. How they use better products. And so on and on and on.

And he really wanted to get this signed today. He made it sound like there were ten people lined up behind me to be his model home and we would be stupid not to take the deal.

So now we have an offer that is about twice what our other estimates were from other contractors but only about 2/5 of what the homefix "regular" price would be. I haven't been able to find our much about them besides what is on the BBB site and homefix's own site.

Does anyone know of this company?

Does this sound like a scam?

Their site: