Make yourselves aware of this film asap if you already haven't - IN TIME;

Make note of whats being shown here because this is exactly what they’re conditioning the people today to accept in the near future. By 2019 they ideally want a cashless system if not a one World currency. I believe if all goes to plan the one World currency will be around 2030. Look at the start of the conditioning of people with all these movies for implants and nightclubs like the Baja Beach Club using these. Companies like VeriChip will become very wealthy when this starts to role out. Then you have those chips the Vatican is supposedly tied into with the cyanide built in. Think about it people its coming and the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations is slowly conditioning the peoples for acceptance of this system. Its no different than putting a frog in a cool water and very slowly raising the temperature. The movies are programmes to code your super computer brain just as software programs code the computers you use. This is known as predictive programming and it works perfectly especially the more its repeated and drummed in. Then you have The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers along with The Worshipful Company of Mercers running the educational system indoctrinating once children of God from birth and now kids of Satan (Cestui Que Vie Act 1666) to accepting being a World Citizen and everything that goes with it. Initially the new currency will be a form of World Credit but then this system of life span in this movie will come forth, this will be their ultimate goal and its being highlighted to you right now. I’ve always said that they were going to drop the life span to around thirty three or less years old and now you can see it may be almost ten years younger than my prediction for the serfs of this planet aka the majority. Just watch Logan’s run to understand this a bit more and over the generations of conditioning the people fully accept this and most never knew it was any different because they will not be taught history it will be forbidden as will be reading and writing. Only symbols and voice/speech will be allowed on TV not writing where you have to read. This of course is another form of programming called hyperspace archetypes, programming via frequency.See 'Logan's Run', it's basically the same thing. Written in 1967 with a Film in 1976 and Television spin-off in 1977.
When you read the summary of these movies they always say “In the not-too-distant future” or “In the near future”. Think about it people, if these movies are just a piece of fiction, why are they set in the “near future” and not just set in the present of some fictional world? They are telling you that they are set in the near future of our present reality.

Alan Watt - Predictive Programming

Predictive Programming in Hollywood and Culture - Paul & Phillip Collins

A 7-parts radio interview series of the Collins Brothers (Paul and Phillip) being interviewed by Vyzygoth on predictive programming in culture and Hollywood.

Topics include: Rosemary's Baby, Lucifer Rising, The Exorcist, Angel Heart, Invader's from Mars, Oedipus, Clear and Present Danger, The Prisoner, Dune, HG Wells - The World Set Free, The Atomic Bomb, Truman, Roosevelt, "The Yellow Peril", Billington - Fire in the Minds of Men, Minute Men, Lost, Jericho, The Stand, The Sum of All Fears, 1984, Brave New World, They Live, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Omega Man, Soylent Green, Edward Bellamy - Looking Backward, Theodor Adorno, Flash Gordon, Bertrand Russell, Robert A Heinlein, Floyd Gibbons - The Red Napoleon, Robespierre, Roosevelt's New Deal, HG Wells- The Shape of Things to Come, New World Order, Heinlein's - The Day After Tomorrow and Starship Troopers, AQ Khan For practical examples of predictive programming in movies (and hopefully later on also in video games).

Manipulating Matter: The Scientific Dictatorship as a Project in the Reconfiguration of Reality

In the article entitled "The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship", we examined the transmogrification of the elite's religious power structure into a technocratic oligarchy legitimized predominantly by science. The history and background of this "scientific dictatorship" is a conspiracy, created and micro-managed by the historical tide of Darwinism, which has its foundations in Freemasonry. In this article, we shall examine the "scientific dictatorship" as an enormous project in the re-sculpting of reality itself.
The Technocracy

Freemason Aldous Huxley coined the term "scientific dictatorship" and presented an allegorized version of the concept in his famous roman 'a clef entitled Brave New World. Huxley was mentored by Freemason H.G. Wells, who also presented a fictionalized "scientific dictatorship" under the appellation of the "Technocracy." This is an interesting designation for a world government managed by functional elites and scientists. It is derived from the Greek word techne, which means craft. Given Wells' membership in the Craft of Freemasonry, the synchronicity becomes apparent.

Moreover, the term craft is associated with witchcraft or wicca. From the term wicca, one derives the word wicker (Hoffman, 63). Examining this word a little closer, Michael Hoffman explains: "The word wicker has many denotations and connotations, one of which is 'to bend,' as in the 'bending' of reality'" (Hoffman, 63). This is especially interesting when considering the words of Mark Pesce, co-inventor of Virtual Reality Modeling Language. Pesce writes: "The enduring archetype of techne within the pre-Modern era is magic, of an environment that conforms entirely to the will of being" (Pesce).
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