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    three shots...one shooter now proven

    After watching the National Geographic program about the home movies taken by witnesses during the assassination, I am more convinced now that there was one shooter, Lee Oswald, one rifle and three shots.

    The first shot was farther up Elm Street than traditionally believed, giving Oswald 12 seconds to fire three shots. The evidence is clear that the first shot hit the traffic light in front of the TSBD.

    The shell casings where they fell confirm that this first shot was fired as the limozine turned in front of the building.

    Oswald's rifle scope mount allowed the full use of the rifle's traditional iron sights, it's only obvious that Oswald would use his traditional Marine rifle training for such a close shot and forgo the scope.


    If you look closely at 04:01 into this film, you can see the bullet hole in the stop sign where shot one passed through.

    All Conspiracy loons are idiots. There was one man, three shots, the case is closed!
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    Re: three shots...one shooter now proven

    Here is the crime scene photo of the three rifle hulls found on the 6th floor of the TSBD. The first shot was the upper most casing, which ejected clear of the boxes on the right hand side of the photo and was the shot that went through the street light below on Elm.

    The second shot was the lowest casing, the last the middle casing.

    A modern Marine marksman who's test scores matched Oswalds in Basic training performed the bolt actions in an exact replica of the shooter's perch and all his ejected shells fell within the same locations as Oswalds.

    Oswald was seen at the window by two witnesses, the location of the limo when the shots occured was confirmed. there is no damn conspiracy except that of the liberals and the Kennedy family to prop up a false Martyr.

    Oh yes...we remember today...when a lone nut case loser murdered an average President in Dallas Texas.

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