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    Atmospheric Water Generator AWS DewPointe Rip Offs

    Stay away from: Atmospheric Water Systems (AWS)
    brand DewPointe
    located San Luis Opbisto, California
    website www.AWS-h2o.com :judges: :cwm2: ing1:

    2009 and 2010 used a former 'sales manager' Joe Rivera of CA as scape goat THAT HE DID ALL THE WRONG DOING

    BUYER BEWARE - LIARS AND CONS do not buy a unit or buy 5 to become a dealer -- Moos and Steffes are Con Men

    WATER UNSAFE suppose to be pH balance 7.0 to 7.7 but it is ACID water reading pH at 4's and 5's

    the product does not always work and FORGET about any help from them - once they sell, you are on your own

    the man man, Randal Moos, CEO owns 40% of the company and he is a total incompetent businessman and hired another validated scumbag National Sales Manager Jon Steffes who is a flat out liar and crook who was selling www.AngelicPureWater.com the John Ellis horrible water machine

    Just search John Ellis and see on AngelicPureWater website testimonials how it does not clean easy:zx11pissed:

    AWS dewpointe could be a potentially dangerous water system
    and you definitely won't want invest, years of bad deals for many and you won't get any support on their product :

    One man was talked into buying $35,000 35 units with a 20 unit sale to a med spa chain and the med spa owner called AWS dewpointe where he was told about the warranty and repairs " BUYER BEWARE " so even the management know

    It's a bad bad bunch and soon the Calif AG and FTC and media are going to be all over them, they need to be regulated and shut down until they are audited and dewpointe is inspected for safety

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    Re: Atmospheric Water Generator AWS DewPointe Rip Offs

    Beautiful! If you are fond of contemporary products I'd advise checking the following link: http://www.nauticexpo.com/boat-manuf...aker-1223.html. Hope you enjoy it!

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