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    SCAM - Easily detect a scam

    People often post here asking "is this a scam, is that a scam, etc"...

    After 2 years of this, I decided to help out!

    Here's an easy test to determine if you have a scam on your hands:


    Is it to make money from home or the internet?
    If yes... go to Q2
    If no... ask here!


    Do you have to pay a fee to sign up?
    If yes = SCAM
    If no = go to Q3


    Does it involve cashing checks?
    If yes = SCAM
    If no = asking your scam question on the message board!

    This has been a public service announcement!

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    Re: SCAM - Easily detect a scam

    Q2 is a little bit deceiving since you have geared the test towards making money from home rather than working a JOB from home.

    If you are expecting a job with an employer.. then yes.. if they are asking for money you are going to feel scammed.

    However there are many ebooks and tutorials that do offer valid advice for making money online and you will be charged for those materials. They are designed as a guide to help you start your own business and not a scam.

    Now I have never personally felt comfortable writing and selling one because I have built my reputation on giving that information away for free but I do understand why some people feel better paying for the information.

    This is also not an endorsement for anyone to go out and buy an ebook because they want to start a business online. DO YOUR RESEARCH first. There are a ton of those ebooks out there that have outdated and useless information.

    As always, learn what you are really getting involved with before you pay for anything.

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    Re: SCAM - Easily detect a scam

    I think there are those companies that you pay a subscription fee but it does not mean they are scam sites. All you need is to read reviews about the site before paying for the subscription.

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