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Thread: Alloidal Title

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    Alloidal Title

    No one owns a home in the Western World and why is this? You do NOT have ALLOIDAL TITLE and this only goes to certain Nobility and Governments not the serfdom slaves trapped by the Cestui Que Via Act 1666 tied to the Unam Sanctum Papal Bull of 1302 and the Aeterni Regist of 1481. What westers have is a right to use if the property is paid off and nothing more, this is known as FEE SIMPLE. Check it out and STOP slaving or hurting to pay your mortgage each month. ITS A CON SLAVE

    unless you have Alloidal Title to the property then you DO NOT own the property and in some western country's you only get Fee Simple which means four Governmental powers can remove your property from you. If you pay tax or are told what you can do on or in your property or all of those things then you do NOT own a thing. Only nobility and Government can have Alloidal Title by the way. So you're slaving for what? You're no different to a renter except in 30-50 years when the extortionate interest and mortgage gets paid (if your lucky) then you don't have to keep on paying out debt currency but you still don't own anything.

    like to see the ers try to kick me off or out . I would be in jail for a long time and there would be a lot of body bags.
    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: Alloidal Title

    the idea of buying rather than renting, is, after 20 years of paying mortgage, you have equity, have been shielded from effects of inflation. my parents bought an 11 room house with a mortgage of $50 a month in the 1960's. while their income and rents continued to rise, they paid the same $50 every month, and could afford luxuries. one of those luxuries was investment in another property, 4 rental apartments. beats working. rents going up? good, if you own the property.

    ALLOIDAL TITLE is only possible if you are the king/queen. you need to have an army at your command to defend your titles.

    it means, nobody can take your property even if they really need to build a new highway. the US constitution says your property can be taken, but you must be compensated.


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