the Pope's one World-Religion forming in front of your eyes, OPEN THEM;

This was all outlined in Revelation 13 & 17. The revived Roman Empire will complete the scene.... It’s not good for Christians or any religious people. First, they will make a global currency, a NWO and then a global religion. The rest will be persecuted. This way cause a very frightening uproar like never seen in history.

Vatican calls for establishment of ‘central world bank’

Rise of the theocratic State: “Catholic ecumenicalism, global currency reform, and a New World political order are not separate, isolated events *****ing in different spheres of the world. They are synchronous forces, actively engaged in knitting together the fabric for the emperor’s new clothes…the Vatican’s desire to steer the confluence of the world’s crumbling economic and humanistic political institutions through the Italian moral causeway is perfectly congruent with the papacy’s long-cherished ambition to reside over the modern world’s first theocratic global economic order.” –The Extinction Protocol, pp. 415, 435