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Thread: Jazz Cures ADD

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    Jazz Cures ADD

    This is no medical scam, but I figured I would share my discovery.

    I have adult ADD or ADHD whatever the hell it is. Now I am no doctor, but my nephew has ADD and hes a kid. When he's spazing out at night he drinks coffee and goes right to bed. Weird huh? Well for me I am a shatter brain during the day. I am all over the map. Two computers with double screens on each. I do the work of 5 people and sometimes can't talk because my brain is doing multiple things at the same time and it shuts down my cognitive functions. I am oblivious. Maybe I am 9% autistic or have 23% asbergers, who knows, who cares....waaa waa waa. I don't have time for a pity party. I like being an alpha 1%er.

    After being on the internet 14 years and working on thousands of websites, the ONLY thing that can keep me in my chair for more than 20 minutes at a time is JAZZ music. I listen to Howard Stern every day, but that doesn't keep me focused, as a true webmaster, a power marketer.

    JAZZ from the 60s, no singers....don't mind it once in awhile.
    Somehow it tires my brain or kills the need to be running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

    Classical music makes me tired. I once was a night manager at a liquor store and had to listen to it for 6+ hrs a day.

    Jazz baby! Try it out. People like me are fireballs of energ-y and jazz music makes that insane energ y(thats a gift and curse) into a focused concentrated efficient effort.

    Hope this helps and would love to hear your experiences. :)
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    Jazz Cures ADD

    Ive been a jazz dancer for about 8 years now The most important thing is to do it because you enjoy it dont be nervous Have fun you will pick it up easily...remember to practice and you will find you pick things up easier
    hope you have a fab ttime let us know how you get on x x

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