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Thread: Monte Farber

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    Monte Farber

    I just received a letter from a psychic named Monte Farber. It was almost identical to letters my husband received from Skye Alexander. They must use the same puplisher for these letters, because the font, and the little blue messages are very, very similar. Both of them said we would win the lottery--my husband on July 29th, and Mr. Farber said I would win on Sept. 22nd. Both of these people have made millions selling books, and other occult items. Why is it that they must now use their "talent" to scam the puplic by mass mailing letters? It makes you wander if anything they have produced is legit? Talk about bad Karma!

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    Re: Monte Farber

    I recieved the same letter, Why would this person be scaming people?the people that do buisness with him such as TV shows and publishers showed be ashamed of themselves. I will be winning the Loterey on Nov 14th Ha ha

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    Re: Monte Farber

    I have a Monte Farber meditation cd which I am listening to right now, I enjoy Mr. Farber's cd and I feel that it does work, as for letters from him or maybe they are not from him, I don't know.

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