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    Canyon Ranch Hotel/Spa Miami Beach ar Killing Cats

    Canyon Ranch Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach are killing cats on their property. Between the months of August-October 2011, the hotel trapped several cats, and instead of taking the felines directly to the county as they are supposed to by law, they left them for several days inside the traps to starve.
    The traps were also left out uncovered in the sun. Once the cats were trapped they were left to be exposed to heatstroke for several days in the hot sun. This hotel must be shut down.
    A few weeks ago the hotel also hired a trapping company, by the name Steritech Pest Elimination, upon trapping the cats, they took them and dumped them off in other places, which is illegal. Steritech was fined by Miami Dade Animal Services.
    If you love animals, DON'T go to Canyon Ranch Hotel and Spa (located at: 6801 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141 phone: 305-514-7000), and don't use Steritech Pest Elimination (located at: 4471 NW 36th St, Miami Springs, Florida 33166, 305-863-8484)!
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