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    Texas Board Certified and Super Family Lawyers

    Texas Board Certified Family Lawyers represent themselves as high quality. The truth is that they are conspiracy of unethical lawyers who fabricate evidence, corrupt judges, lie, and bully. This is true in the Corpus Christi area.

    They vote on who will be a member, and in smaller communities like Corpus Christi you have to be part of there corruption to join.

    The prime examples would be Lanette Joubert, William Dudley (Super Lawyer Dork), and William Kelly.

    You do not want to hire these lawyers. They will run up expenses. They make deals among themselves. They do not decide cases based on law or facts rather corruption.

    They routinely make false and fabricated allegations of sexual misconduct. You might think this is cool while you are in the middle of an angry divorce, but even if your spouse not you are victimized it will ultimately hurt you and your children.

    These lawyers have a notorious lack of concern for the welfare of children. They had one child subjected for years to the individual who was convicted of molesting her. They fought to allow the convicted pedophile access to the child while falsely accusing her innocent parent of misconduct and keeping the protective innocent parent away.

    Lanette Joubert lied stating that a child care provider was completely OK. She fought to avoid discovery on the care provider's condition. Even after the truth came out, she fought to exclude the truth. The truth is that the care provider was professionally diagnosed as homicidal, suicidal, psychotic, hullucinatory, major depressive disorder, etc. The care provider had slit her wrists, been hospitalized in the mental hospital multiple times among other things. According to Lanette Joubert, this was irrelevant. Do you want your child subjected to this kind of insanity? Stay away. Hiring one of these lawyers might feel good short term but they cause great harm. Even if you hire one, they might sell you out.

    William Dudley and Lanette Joubert with others asked a child to lie that his mother "touched" him among other things. The meeting was confirmed by waiters at the restaurant at issue. The child stated his testimony several times including to the child psychologist (recorded on video). The child psychologist believed the child. These lawyers argued that all children are fantasizers and the child should not be believed. Judge William Adams is William Dudley's physical affection partner. William Dudley is Judge Adams' lawyer. This child was not heard at all. Judge William Adams signed a dishonest frivolous order stating that there was no evidence of what the child said (in other words the child's statements were ignored by the Judge to protect his buddy William Dudley -- further punished). Judge William Adams gave his buddy William Dudley a substantial amount of money. According to Judge William Adams, William Dudley is somehow above subpeonas. The child said William Dudley committed a crime (soliciting perjury) yet William Dudley could not be subpeoned about this. Total corruption.

    There are hundreds of instances of false allegations of sexual abuse involving about 5 people willing to talk by these lawyers.

    These lawyers bring garbage, sleaze, and destruction of lives everywhere they go. You don't want them in your lives.

    Larry Adams is not board certified but he is buddies with them. He stole a child recently by fraud. He wrote a false order. The father who lives roughly 2,000 miles from his child was told by the Judge he could see his child once in the next 60 days. Larry Adams changed the order when he drafted it to the father had to see his child twice in the next 60 days. This means the father would need to make 3 trips of 4,000 miles roundtrip each within 60 days. The father didn't receive the order until near the end of the 60 days (nobody would send it to him including his own lawyer so he had to request it from the District Clerk by mail). He did not know he had to make 2 trips within the 60 days until it was nearly too late. This father of modest means had to save for a year or two to hire a lawyer again and make the trip again. When this father hired a lawyer to fix the corrupt order drafted by Larry Adams, Larry Adams threatened him with sanctions saying among other things that his motion to modify the corrupt order was frivolous, made various false accusations against him, attempted to subject him to false hurdles not even in the corrupted order, etc. The bottom line is Larry Adams successfully stole this father's child for roughly 2 years and attempted to steal the child forever.

    You want these lawyers in your lives. They are board certified family law fiends. William Dudley is a super lawyer fiend.

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    Re: Texas Board Certified and Super Family Lawyers

    By the time the father got the order, it was too late. It should read the 60 days was nearly expired. There was no way this father could make two trips of 4,000 miles roundtrip in just the few days remaining. This father would never have received the order at all but for his personal efforts because his own lawyer refused to send him the order as did the ad litem.

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