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Thread: 237 area code

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    237 area code

    What is up with this 237 area code? Alot of people have it listed, but it is not allocated. Are these pepole scammers? I am interested in buying a couple birds from a lady and offered to pick them up, but she is insisting on shipping them. She says she will provide me with the tracking number and everything before I send her the money. I went to looking at other ads on liquidmarkets and quite a few people have a 237 area code, and when I did an area code search, it said it didn't exist. I don't know what to do. Should I be leary?

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    Re: 237 area code

    The only 237 area code I could find was for Cameroon.

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    Re: 237 area code

    Where is Cameroon?

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    Re: 237 area code

    I found it. It borders Nigeria. Sounds like a scam to me. This is the email I received.

    Her reply:

    Thanks for the mail.No,you would not came to pick them up i will take care of everything concerning the shipping you will be provided with the tracking number to see how shipping is progressing before you will send my money.Be sure of getting the birds as soon as you provide me with your full contact address i will get a CITES EXPORT PERMIT document under your name and that will make it to be very easy to get the birds.Their names are Peter and Sandra.They are of both sex.that is male and female.So,put it that you are already having the birds.I am somebody like you so i cannot take your money and donot provide you with what you are in need of.So,i will try to call you.My number is 237 500 88 85.The birds are very lonely and i donot have that time to play and care for them that is why i want somebody like you to care for them.Get back to me your full contact address and your nearest airport so that i can proceed on shipping.Also,they will becoming with all their documents,handbook and a free cage.Waiting.

    My reply to her email:

    Would it be cheaper for me to pick them up and bring cash? I am not that far. I am in Sarasota. Either way is fine. I would like to try and save you money with the shipping. My phone number is (941) xxx-xxxx. Please give me a call. My name is Jennifer. I have never bought anything over the internet that was more than a hundred bucks and I would like to make sure everything is good. I just get leary with all the scammers out there. I'm not saying you are one though!!!! Please don't take it that way. We are going to Homasassa on Thursday and will be back on Sunday, so I will be available for pick up or whatever we decide after Sunday.
    Also, what are their names? And do you know the sex and about how old they are?

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    From: "alice"

    Her first reply:

    Thanks for the mail.Yes,$700 for both.Below is the attachment of them.Get to me with your full contact adrress and your nearest airport so that i can get a CITES EXPORT PERMIT document in your name.Also,i will use my own money in doing the shipping and you will be provided with the tracking number for you to track and see online before sending my money.Get to me soonest.

    Subject: R

    $700 for both? Can you send a picture of them?

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    Re: 237 area code

    Dont do it.
    If you cant meet her/him and pick them up I wouldnt do it.
    Sounds like a scam to me.

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    Re: 237 area code

    I don't know if this will ever be read...the original thread is several months old. Recently, I shopped for a Maltese puppy on the internet and learned two things: (1) the least expensive puppies, although sellers state they are AKC registered, champion bloodlines, blah, blah, five out of six I e-mailed ended with them telling me I need to wire the money immediately to Cameroons, Douala, Littoral 237 area code; and (2) apparently hundreds of Maltese breeders have re-located to Africa as missionaries "doing God's work". This was a real eye-opener. I actually believed the first guy until he wouldn't tell me where the puppies were (the ad said central FL which is within driving distance. I wanted to see them and pay when I picked one up) and I needed to wire the money to New York...even tho he was supposedly in Africa "doing God's work"...could barely write English that I could barely understand...and his name was Richard. Yea. OK. The second guy is now telling me he will send the money to ME to have the puppy shipped...then I will pay him for the puppy...he is trusting me and now I should trust him. He, too, is in Africa...yep, you guessed it, "doing God's work". All I can say is...lightning strikes people like this.

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    Re: 237 area code

    Oh, yea, one more thing. They all sent pictures of Maltese puppies that were supposedly the puppies for sale. Except I had shopped for a puppy so much for so long, I recognized and actually found the same pictures on other people's websites.
    LOL! One told me he had five puppies available: one male and two females. I realize Georgia is 50th in the nation in education, but I have enough fingers to count one plus two. hehehe!

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    Re: 237 area code

    Hai friends.

    dont loose your money without any confirmation. read the mail clearlly and check them, from where thhere post that mail to you with their ip address.

    be alart always.


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    Re: 237 area code

    Search for puppies and scam, many people have lost their money

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    Re: 237 area code

    I have had experience with a lot of people from camaroon africa claiming to be on a " missionary trip" any number with a 237 area code is a scam. I have beenlooking to buy a yorkie and ive ran into about 27 people from camaroon, all being scams, ive already lost 400 dallars to scammers from out of country so be careful! if you buying an animal from an online ad, i would stick to buying then in the US.

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    Re: 237 area code

    Hi There!

    I live in Canada (Toronto Ontario) and have been searching for a Yorkie puppy for the past year or so.... Every single website I have been on has ads with the 237 area code, alot of them have pictures of puppies up, alot of them have a fake Toronto address listed. Some do not include any information in their ads but when you contact them via e-mail, they send you a phone number with that area code to contact them.

    The lastest puppy ad I came across with that area code was for a Free Yorkie puppy and you pay for shipping. All these ads are scams from Nigeria.

    Your best bet is to buy an actual local newspaper (PRINT), where people have to pay to place thier ads, and go visit the person just for your own satisfaction. This way, if there are any problems, you know where they are located and can always report them to your local police department.

    In person, you can go and view whatever it is that you are interested in purchasing before risking any money..... There are way tooo many scams on the internet especially from the 237 Area Code....

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    Re: 237 area code

    I am currently playing with a supposed woman in Cameroon. This is more fun than fishing. We are trying to get me her two yorkies she took to Africa when she went to work construction but it is too hot there and she wants to get them a home here in Texas. She knows hot? So far she wants $95 to fly them back. I have asked for records and suggested the customs folks may be involved. Will see what is next to be suggested. These are all scammers looking or a few dollars. I have also contacted Backpage where this ad was ran. I guess if it looks like a scam, smells like a scam and talks like a scam it ain't yorkies huh.

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    Re: 237 area code

    I have been playing email tag for a few days. I am fed up. They "cant" call me, but I have to call them...237 area code? are you from africa, or canada?

    this person is trying to get rid of their Yorkie for $200, and they said that they will fly it out, but I can't believe it, when yeah they sent pictures, BUT a 237 area code when they told me they were from Chicago, but I live in IL anyway, so of course I can look that up quick...now they don't know where they are from>! GOSH! I missed an actual puppy because this one was cheaper! Oh mi gosh! I am so mad!

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    Re: 237 area code

    237 is a COUNTRY code, not an area code. It's cameroon. Enjoy the phone bill, especially if you call from your cellphone..lol

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    Re: 237 area code

    Glad I found this thread! I have the same situation with the tea cup yorkies. They sounded believable on the 1st two emails. Saying how they were christians and their son wasn't able to care for the two yorkies anymore. They had a few pictures on the ads. So when I finally give in, they tell me I have to pay to ship it...so red flags went up. I told them that i thought it was a scam and they kept trying to convince me it wasn't. They gave me this 237 number to call...But i told them to call my phone so i can get the number off of it. LOL....They called and i picked up and they sounded foreign maybe nigerian. It was caucasians in the photos with the puppies. I hung the phone up...and get this....they seem either desperate or scared because they called me 30 times within the last 15 minutes.

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    Re: 237 area code

    I am currently having so much fun with one of these scammers.

    I have been looking around for a young hand raised Quaker Parrot and did a Google search for Australia (where I live). One the hits was interesting so I emailed the person "milkjones" making an inquiry.

    The reply was very poor English (which does not mean much) but the person appeared to have used an internet translating site such as Babel.

    As s/he were trying to entice me I decided to do a Google search on the persons email address "[email protected]" and found lots of ads for birds, cats, dogs, cars etc. Not unusual in itself but s/he claimed to be living at the same time in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, ACT etc (it depended on the ad).

    Milk Jones even sent me a photo of the prospective birds I was buying, which I found using a Google image search. Similarly with the rest of his ads.

    The contact has been back and forth between us with me not letting her/him know that I know he is a scammer.

    One of the funny aspects is s/he has mixed us up a few times and mistakenly mentioned the "monkey" they are selling me, also a "dog" etc. They must have so many scams going it is impossible for them to keep up.

    It has never been enough to pin down and s/he is insistent they live in South Australia but just moved there and do not have a telephone.

    So I have been pushing for a mobile or for them to call my work number at a particular time.

    Eventually after about a dozen emails s/he gave me the number 23779696002. Which is how I ended finding this thread (again using a Google search).

    From the emails they want me to supply:
    Name in full..............
    Contact numbers........
    City and State............
    Post Code..................
    House address............

    I get the impression they were more intent on identity fraud???

    Thought I would share my experience in case others follow the same searches that I made and can read this thread.

    Bottom line, don't entertain a Cameroon/Nigeria salesman:judges:

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