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    So I made a big mistake and signed up for a Cortiban offer with my regular credit card. After realizing that their autopay is often implemented during the trial period and that they penalize you with a $50 fee for cancelling early if you signed up a through an IPOD offer, I am feeling screwed. I am not sure how to proceed, so any advice would be strongly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: SAVE ME from CORTIBAN!

    I just read some of the complaints about cortiban, so I called them to make sure that they were not going to charge my credit card. They told me I could cancel but I have to mail half the pills back! What they tiell you is that you get a free 15 day trial but they mail you a bottle that is a 30 day supply! So if you don't send the rest back they charge you for it! Heads up on these guys.

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