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    House buying Scams

    I have my house advertised for sale on the internet. So far the only interest I have received is from two scammers. The first one I cannot find the info for however the second one I do have. I do not think the rules stop me including the email address of the scammer, sorry if it does.

    Below is how it went.




    I have two properites advertised please tell me which one you are refering to


    Thank you ,

    There is no problem,My husband has accepted the listing price of
    property and will like us to arrange a viewing and then have a face to face discussion for payment.

    Property documents will be prepared in my maiden name DELIA LEON.



    Dear MRS DELIA

    I have two properites advertised please tell me which one you are refering to.

    I do not know which property you are considering looking at.


    your comfree.com property listing number xxx

    ( it was not xxx but I do not want to be accused of advertising. Anyway as you will see this link did not work)

    Dear MRS DELIA

    unfortunately that link does not work for me so i still do not know what property you are referring to.
    Please tell me which Country the property is in and the price.
    Dear ,

    I am a Panamanian, married to General Kamal Al Ayash the second
    commander of the Syrian First Division, He refused and defected to the
    opposition when President Assad ordered his division to shoot unarmed
    civilians, We need your help to secure any residential property you
    have for sale in any location urgently and then relocate
    with my family, we are currently in a remote area of Deraa with my
    husband and kids.

    With the security situation and man hunt by the Government for
    defected soldiers we can not come to your country immediately until it
    eases, not even foreigners are allowed here to avoid them telling the
    world what is happening here.. but will continue with the purchase so
    that on arrival we will take possession of the property .

    Money is not everything in life but a friend in need is a friend
    indeed, we need you help to pay for the property and relocate from our
    hideout here in Syria to your country before we are killed by the
    President Assad's Army, our home has been razed down and other family
    members have gone into hiding and not even my husbands aged mother and
    father were speared as they were arrested to provide him.

    I don't have access to our bank accounts now All my husband s account
    has been frozen but the only place we have money is in a fiduciary in
    Europe, we want to make you the beneficiary of the money so that
    you can go there and claim the cash of 11.5 million USD cash that has
    been their vault since 2008 for safe keeping in my name.

    We want to make you our beneficiary so that you can go to Spain and
    claim the cash for us,You will confirm the cash in their presence and
    after the claim they will assist you with their banking agent to
    provide security and bullion van that will transport the cash to the
    bank where a non residential account in Spain will be opened and the
    cash lodged without question and on return to your country you can
    then manage the account for us through online banking.

    To tell you how desperate we are my husband has agreed that after the
    claim, you will deduct 2 million USD for your stress, deduct the money
    for the property and other taxes or charges and then deduct the money
    you spent for the trip to Spain, your flight and hotel expenses to
    Spain, deposit the balance in the bank account you will open there and
    then send $100,000 for our relocation to Turkey and from there i will
    relocate with the kids to your country while my husband stays in
    Turkey with other Soldiers that deserted the Army to monitor things .

    Lets proceed with the claim process and then after that when we are
    sure of cash we can handle the property and immigration process.

    Because of the scam rate on net now and for avoidance of doubt,As
    soon as I hear from you I will give you the contact details of the
    Fiduciary in Spain and a letter of authority so that you can inquire
    about the legality of the transaction and book an appointment date
    for the claim of the cash in their office in person to see things yourself

    Looking forward to your kind response.

    Delia Kamal Ayash

    After this final email I ceased contact with this person. I'll let you know if I get more contact

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    Re: House buying Scams

    this is a common scam - the nigerian letter. we have trunk boxes full of cash and gold, but for some reason, only you, can open a box and get out the cash for us.

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    Re: House buying Scams

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