The last 3 days of the holiday the receptionist pulled me to one side and said that owe money on the phone bill. The way she pulled me to one side was very rude. the very last day she told me to checkout at 12 PM and I paid all money owed then at 6PM she said I owe more money - How can I owe more money when she has already checked me out and I paid all money before 12 PM. I wasn't in my room so I couldn't of used the phone. I feel bela napa hotel has totally scammed me as there was many phone numbers on the phone bill which I didn't phone. I asked to speak to the manager and he didn't want to talk with me - He said he would phone the police. All I wanted was to talk with the manager to find out who was these phone numbers on my phone bill. I had been charged 230 euros. toilets was so bad it over flood 3 times and all water flooded my bedroom floor 3 times and stunk. the hotel said they cant do anything until the next day. They had lots of workers there someone could of at lease helped me..

The hotel was very basic and customer service was bad. I wouldnt stay at that hotel ever again.

This is my review and I feel that I have been scammed big time by this bella napa hotel.

I had a hotel that gave me so many problems.

- Floods in my room - stinking the whole apartment out - Customer service was so bad they didn't sort out to the next day.

- been ripped off on the phone bill - phone numbers I didn't make.

- The manager and reception was very rude.

- Poor quality rooms - Very standard.