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    How'd you do it?

    I'm new to the freebie world, and I've read a lot of posts on Scam and I love the site. But the post I found most helpful and useful was when a member listed the offers he did, how much they initially cost, and how much they were refunded. If anyone is interested in divulging what offers they chose, how much they spent, how long it took to credit, or how hard it was to cancel for whatever freebie they chose, I'd be very grateful.
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    Re: How'd you do it?

    I got Nintendo DS from internetopiniongroup. I had to do 3 offers. Blockbuster which was $9.95 for the 1st month, then $17.95 per month. I kept it, otherwise you could have cancelled within the 1st month. I then did Inkblvd in which I had to buy $30 worth of ink. I needed ink anyway so this was easy. Last, I signed up for a Discover Gas Card. I ended up spending about $40 for a $129 Nintendo DS.

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