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    Is Arm Chair Interviews a scam?

    I'm looking to see if I might be able to find a position working from home as a book reviewer. As a stepping stone to acquiring some experience in this area, I thought that I might try initially reviewing some books for free with a reputable company or website. I found a website called:www.armchairinterviews.com
    The company claims that one can sign up with them for free and then they provide one with a list of books that the company needs reviewed, the reviewer then chooses books that he or she would like to review, the company sends them and then the reviewer reviews them.
    The company appears to be legitimate as its affiliated with a well known publishing house(Memory fails me on exactly which publishing house it is, but I think that its McGraw-Hill.) but I couldn't find them on the BBB. So, I'm wondering does anyone think this is a scam? If someone could respond to this post with your opinions or any information you might have about this I would really appreciate it.

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    Re: Is Arm Chair Interviews a scam?

    There is not much about it online as I have been researching about it. I will post more information if I get something.

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