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    Free Stuff Sites

    I'm not sure if this is in the right forum but anyway...

    Do you know any scam/spam free , free stuff sites?

    Thanks :)

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    Re: Free Stuff Sites

    NO this isn't the 'right place' for :free stuff." Go look on the Internet

    Scams forum. There is lots of publicity there re: this crap. After

    reading some of it it is SO obvious that it is just part of another

    Scam operation. You have your initiators and your 'stiff-promoters';

    ones' that have got sucked into the deal and now are looking for

    other smucks and dumb-heads to put it on to, so that they can get

    their free stuff.

    Only thigs I've known of that you might say, consider 'free; is someone

    else's leaving that they don't want, something wrong with it,

    contagious diseases and a kick in the ass of a whack up beside the

    head, if you're into taking abuse.

    Rest assured, these people on the 'free-stuff' sites have lots of

    Spam emails and bif-time problems with Viruses and embedded Spy

    items, like key loggers and, ect.

    Also, I have noticed that a lot of the 'free-stuff' promoters plant

    'seed' inquiries such as yours randomnly at various forum sites,

    like 'Phising'; trying to entice dumbos to take the bait and get involved

    in this scam operation.
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