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    Re: The paradox of latent belief

    Quote Originally Posted by coontie
    Then, I consider that it is a really powerful illusionary capability that
    projects, creates in 'real-time' the existence of dense material objects
    as well as 'seeing' ourself and others as flesh-bodied entities, as well
    as those other 'human-beings' [something being human] and all the
    'living' creatures that we 'see' as our companions here in this 'Earth
    Coontie, you should read a trilogy by Stephen Baxter, 'Time', 'Space' and 'Origin'. In one of the books (I think it is the second, Space), he deals with this idea. Specifically he deals with the idea that everything around is a fabrication, put in place by some unknown intelligent being(s), and also the enormous amounts of energy that would be required to maintain the illusion. The further humans stray from Earth, the larger the illusion needs to be and the more energy required.

    Its science fiction, but he knows what he's talking about. He picks up on some of the strangest ideas in modern physics and incorporates them in his books. And usually at the end, he provides references to where the ideas came from, so its always interesting to look up the real science behind the books.

    Quote Originally Posted by coontie
    Watched a program on P.B.S. - Nova where the discussion wa regarding
    FIVE different "sting-theories'. One focused intently on [the] Gravitational
    Force that we experience and that [supposedy] works everywhere in
    the Universe. It was an awesome discussion. Very mehntally stimulating.
    Brought one to think of 'things' in a way other then what we traditionally,
    habitually acccept as truth and fact every instant of our life.
    For instance: parallel dimesions, colliding UNIVERSES, communication
    with possibly, potentially 'alien' creatures in other dimesions using
    gravity waves. They even mentioned the possibiity of the idea of
    no beginning or end to 'existence', just a continium. Wrap your mind
    aroun that one! :eek:


    They were also making a departure from empirical science
    orientation and entering the realm of the Philosophers. A new development
    for Scientist. However, they stated that in the future that this is where
    humanity will have to arrive at and dwell within to actually understand,
    comprehend who we really are and where we dwell.
    IT wont be that anything outside of us has changed. It will mean that
    human beings [as we consider ourselves, NOW] will have a totally different
    cognition, relization of our 'world', how it works, what it is and who we
    You should take a ugrad course in physics coontie, it gets much much weirder than that.

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    Re: The paradox of latent belief

    Quote Originally Posted by kazza
    Well, if we were ever going to do this, it would be silly to actually transport atoms themselves. All we need to do is build some sort of device that 'reads' the person's body and stores the information about them, then send that information, and rebuild the body somewhere else from new atoms.
    Fax machine? Seems like you would need some sort of reciever on the other end.

    In the 1960's, a New Zealand mathematician named Roy Kerr discovered that rotating black holes behaved differently from stationary ones. Instead of the singularity forming as a point, in the rotating black hole it would form as a ring, like a life saver. In the center of the ring-shaped singularity, time and space would cease to exist. In principle, an object should be able to pass through the ring into another time, or to another point in space without being damaged. It has been proven time travel is mathematically possible by a team at CalTech, including Kip Thorne, a leading expert in the field of general relativity. There is no law of physics that forbids it. The problem is our ability to construct a stable, sustainable "Kerr solution", or something like Carl Sagan's "wormhole". If it could be done, it would obviate the need for transporting objects in a state of atomic disassembly, as well as the Time Travel Fax Machine. (just kidding, kazza, your points are well taken)


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    Re: The paradox of latent belief

    Quote Originally Posted by coontie
    Watched a program on P.B.S. - Nova where the discussion wa regarding FIVE different "sting-theories'. One focused intently on [the] Gravitational Force that we experience and that [supposedy] works everywhere in the Universe. It was an awesome discussion. Very mehntally stimulating.
    Yeah it's great to look at the 5 theories still but now they've been unified into one theory :)

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    Re: The paradox of latent belief

    Quote Originally Posted by LoneStar
    It is correct that 1 and 0 are extremes, but we tend to think of extremes as points on opposite ends of a scale with a lot of stuff in between. This is not necessarily the case. Extremes are fragments of a whole. In a base 10 or decimal system, you have ten digits ranging from 0 to 9. Therefore 0 and nine are extremes with eight digits in between, each being a fragment of the whole. In a base 2 or binary system you only have two digits, 1 and 0. While they are absolute extremes, and each a fragment of the whole, they alone constitute the whole. There is no "middle". And please don't give me "what about 1 1/2?".

    My understanding of God's use of the false dichotomy (either/or) is to prove to us that we simply cannot live up to His standards, and are therefore in need of redemption. Since when was God ever logical by human standards?

    Bob Marley shot the sheriff (but he did not shoot the deputy).

    "I want to say 'I shot the police' but the government would have made a fuss so I said 'I shot the sheriff' instead... but it's the same idea: justice."
    Bob Marley

    the computer cannot function without exactly defined absolute opposites with no allowed "in betweens".and it can perfectly simulate all of reality/and more!?as a picture before our eyes.it can even link to mechanical devices and control them all by the CUURENT of JUICE or electrical IMPULSE as it is called.but it is totally helpless without a PROGRAM to tell it what to do!!hehe!!and those programs are made by god.....i mean man.SUBSTITING for god in this 2 sided but fully complete,DEAD artificial WORLD!?(tree fall in woods theory)hehe!!so my contention is that in this human reality we call LIFE that the 3rd element that makes it all REAL is god!!hehe!!and another point is that while god HAS to take CREDIT for everything he creates that does not mean he alone decides WHAT to create!?(the chain of command theory)hehe!!so it is not as if he INTENDED everything as far as we are/should be concerned!?so man is faced with the task of determining the TRUE nature of god.or to put it another way,man can BE god but NOT be LIKE god!?(hearsay evidence).omnipotence simply means indestructable never changing.the JUICE of life!?powering all of creation!?hehe!!but the difference from the artificial is that the MIDDLE does exist!!but actually it's not really the middle!?it's just a WHOLE choice!?hehe!!and remember this,a kiss is just a kiss,and fear is only WITH the KNOWN!?is god fear!!yes!!is it his nature!!NO!!OK!!how many paradoxes did i just discribe!?hehe!!like sherlock says,eliminate all the knowns,(very tricky business gwasshoppa,never trust your own judgement,verwify,verwify,verwify)and what's left is............just askin....and oh yeah......why didn't he shoot the deputy!?hehe!!
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