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    Allah attacks Israel: The final battle.

    Since the Arab Spring, there have been dramatic changes in the governments of Arab nations. For many, the changes have advanced democracy in the Arab world. For others, the changes are ominous signs that radical Islam will dominate the Middle East.

    To date, the signs are not good. Since the uprising in Egypt, radical Islam is gaining control. The consequences are dire: 100,000 Coptic Christians have fled Egypt in fear of their lives, recently Israel was forced to evacuate its Cairo embassy because of threats from Islamic radicals, a Jewish community was not allowed to rebuild a Synagogue in Libya, Hamas is emboldened after Israel released more than a thousand prisoners, Arab nations are now supporting Hamas, a terrorist group pledged to destroy Israel, and President Ahmadinejad of Iran has declared the Jewish nation be "wiped off the map."

    For many Muslims, destroying Israel is Allah's will. According the Koran, Jews are enemies of Islam. There has been a debate on scam.com about Allah and the Lord (Bible). There are some who maintain Allah is the same as the Lord; I've argued that they're not the same. My argument is based on the Koran. I've found numerous passages where Allah, without the consent of Jews or Christians, assumes authority over the Bible. La la land critics ignore those passages. Instead they advocate for common ground for Christians, Jews and Muslims. History, however, disputes that utopian vision.

    Well, the argument is about to be settled. If Allah and the Lord are the same, we'll find Muslims and Jews shaking hands, settling ancient disputes, and living and loving one another, as the good book says. Wait, what good book? Is that the Koran or the Bible?

    What do terrorist talk about when they are planning to attack Christians or Jews. It has been reported that, as obedient Muslims, they read the Koran for inspiration, and then, with Allah at their side, they attack infidels.

    No, that isn't correct! According to la la land people, they're just misfits. Muslims don't really hate Jews or Christians. La la land people should reach out to these poor souls and tell them about Islam being a peaceful religion. After all, now that new governments are rising up in the wake of the Arab Spring, we'll have peace because Muslims don't despise Jews or Christians (infidels).

    Will Allah continue to attack Yahweh"s Israel, or will they sit down and peacefully settle their disputes?

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    Re: Allah attacks Israel: The final battle.

    Once again, all this proves is that religion is the major cause of all the worlds evil doings. War, hate, bigotry, all stem from religious beliefs. The middle east has always been the playground of these most childish religous s, and always will be. After all, how is it possible to extinguish thousands of years of beliefs from a civilization in just a few generations??


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