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    Collection Agencies

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right area to post this or not, but here goes...

    Recently I pulled my credit report to see where it stands - I went through a divorce 4 years ago and my ex used my ss# to take a bunch of payday loans out and never repaid them. Needless to say my credit has been shot by this and other debts from the marriage and I have been trying to rebuild. Anyway, since I pulled the reports I have been getting phone calls from collection agencies claiming to be either law firms or investigative firms, telling me that I owe money on payday loans and that they will file a lawsuit against me if I don't pay them. One lovely gentleman claimed I owed close to $5k in these loans and then stated it went into my bank account with Capital One bank. I have never had a cap one account, only a car loan through them that was paid off last year. I have actually accounted for all of the payday loans that my ex took out and have been working with the companies themselves, so these collection agencies are nothing more then third party scam artists. When I ask the original debt name, they always fumble and when I say "send me the original loan documents in writing within 30 days as required by the Fair Debt Collection Act" I never receive a thing in the mail. I have reported them to the FTC and the attorney general for the various states they are calling from.

    Has anyone else dealt with these type of scammers? Is there a way short of changing my phone number to get away from them? They have also called my work number and have been told by my boss to not call again, but they continue to do it. It's quite annoying to deal with these morons.

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    Re: Collection Agencies

    I kept receiving calls at work from a Shawn something or another with an Indian accent. He kept telling me to call Attorney Xavier Marshall because someone was taking legal action against me. I just kept ignoring him when he said that if I did not call soon to see what the law suit was about and how I could settle it I would be in big trouble. After being disturbed at work multiple times, I finally called "Mr Marshall" to see what it was about.i couldn't believe the garbage he spewed at me. He said I owed several small amounts of money that were on my credit report. He said that if I did not pay a settlement of $390 with my credit card or debit card, the credit bureau was going to blackball me, I would receive no further tax benefits (as if I get any now), that I would not get my social security benefits for 7 years after I become eligible, that my job would fire me, etc., etc. the scariest part was that he read me my social security number and asked if it was correct. I did not answer his question, but began asking him questions such as who was suing me and if he would send me this information in the mail. He became very angry and said that my boss at work would be getting a subpoena from him. When I laughed at him and asked what country he was a lawyer in, he hng up. Don't take any crap from this guy.

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    Re: Collection Agencies

    Ahhhh man that sucks! We've all been there. Ruining someones credit is seriously messed up.
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