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    QP USA? Scam or fuel saver?


    My husband drives a big rig and sometimes I ride with him - tho I am not very experience with the trucking business as I have a job at home baby-sitting.

    My husband was been asked to use this thing called QP USA on his truck because he was told it would save him money on fuel. Well, he has been using it but we can't see a difference and the guy who asked him put it on the rig wants $2000!

    Has anyone else had any experience with this QP USA product? It's some sort of unit that you strap on to the engine that has crystals that are supposed to save you fuel using quantim physics.

    I just saw a whole show on 20/20 with John Stossel last week about how these types of fuel saving devices are bogus.

    Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is what their site said before it was down for whatever reason (www dot qpusa dot com):

    QP USA, Inc. provides innovative emission reduction technologies through the advanced science of quantum physics.

    The resultó a significant reduction in fuel consumption and maintenance costs for diesel engines and related industries. Lower your trucking fuel costs.

    How does the (QPR) Quantum Power Revolution work?

    The following explanation is in laymanís terms:

    When engines operate at levels less than the Optimum levels that they are capable of, they develop build up. On a Molecular level your engine builds matter known as Molecular matter. When Molecular Buildup takes place, the Opacity levels that your engine produces can become extremely high. The higher the Opacity levels that your engine is producing ultimately means more overall cost for you. How? Well, if your fuel is not completely burned up in the chamber itís being spent right up the stack. Thus, higher levels of Opacity. Your fuel is going up literally in more ways than one!

    Functioning on the principles of Quantum Physics, Quantum Tunneling, Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Structure, and managing Electrons. The Quantum Power Revolution balances the electrical energy field of the entire truck.

    This is achieved by installing the QPR in 2 locations of your engine. Because the QPR operates when Heat Activated we strongly recommend installation of the Dual Unit QPR at two separate points of the engine to achieve maximum results. These are the Radiator Hose and the Exhaust Manifold. Once Heat Activated, the QPRís emit Quantum Energy through Radio Frequency. The same way Radio Frequency is invisible yet we are still able to receive channels and musicÖthe QPR is doing its job using the same method to interact with the Electrons, Protons and Neutrons of your engine. Through this process the Electrons, Protons and Neutrons in the Quantum Energy field become balanced. Your Trucks engine will actually begin to operate in a more harmonious state. Less friction inside of your Trucks engine means it operates more efficiently. Efficient Operation = $$$
    Thank you for any and all advice you can give me on the company. Their headquarters seem to be in Florida.


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    Re: QP USA? Scam or fuel saver?

    Do not pay if you can. This fuel saving product a fraud.

    I looked at their webpage. It is still under construction (for almost a year.). They are registered "domain by proxy" (they do not want to be found).

    I heard on internet that founder of QP USA is Jonathan Parr who was involved in Power of People Network gifting scam. If this is true, you should run from this offer as fast as you can.

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    Re: QP USA? Scam or fuel saver?


    I cannot thank you enough for that information. I have been searching the internet for information. Most of the truckers' sites do not recommend the product, but they don't give much reason why other than these things generally don't work. You never know when there will be an innovation in any field so I was looking for something more before we made our final decision.

    The guy my husband has been dealing with is named John. I can only presume that he is the same person you refer to in this thread. Upon reading about Mr. Parr and his Power of People network scam, we intend to run as fast as we can.

    Fortunately we are not out any money yet. However, he's been pressuring us to pay him lately even though we told him we haven't seen any results.

    Many thanks to you, Sir!


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    Re: QP USA? Scam or fuel saver?

    Of course, you could tell him he OWES YOU $4000 for evaluating his product! Tell him you're going to discuss it with your atorney and I'll bet you never hear from him again. If he persists, go to an attorney and get him to write a letter to the guy and I'm almost positive that will be the last you hear of him. Scam artists are really scared of people who know how to get them held accountable, to many real suckers to bother with the ones smart enough to stand up to them.
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    Re: QP USA? Scam or fuel saver?

    Next time, when somebody wants you to try fuel-saving product go to EPA website first. Also go to few experienced mechanics and ask them if there any product that can improve fuel efficiency and how safe it is. You are putting untested chemical into your engine and it could easily be damaged.

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    Re: QP USA? Scam or fuel saver?

    Just wanted to give an update...QPUSA has gone out of business. We returned the "thing" and didn't have to pay a penny.
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