Ryan C. Rogers and RMR Wealth management LLC.<<<>>> Stay away from this Company especially Ryan C,. Rogers and his partners from McGinn Smith being prosecuted for Ponzi Scams with clients monies. They all went to Dinosaur LLC to hide but the warrants and fraud investigations followed them so Rogers and 2 other X-McGinn Smith associates opened up RMR Wealth management LLC. the only interest they for you is stealing you monies!!! We lost $27,000.00 retirement and we can not even collect a dime because these scambags have so many loop holes it would cost you more in legal fees. So our only retaliation is to let everyone know they are ALL low life's especially Rogers.. We have filed to the Trade Commission to hopefully have his license pulled and investigate all of them. Rogers is a complete liar and WILL steal you money while smiling and shaking your hand.. :judges: