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    Vector Capital Blueprint: Seems Legit?

    All it says is that I can make millions with this 46 page document for $35.

    Vector Capital Blueprint
    P.O. Box 93639
    Los Angeles, California 90093

    It's annoying that my Dad is really old and hard-headed, it makes everything harder to explain. Best way? Proof.

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    Pecuniary Aid Exchange: Cool Word Bro'

    The entire thing says:

    Pecuniary Aid Exchange Request
    Return this Request Form with $35 Refundable Deposit TODAY.

    It's Lifetime Guaranteed.
    Yes, count me in! I'm ready to claim my share of the 7 billion dollar government give away that keeps getting bigger. I know I'll receive everything I need to claim at least $250,000 every month. I've read and understand you have 100% money-back guaranteed this in every imaginable way for life. Under those terms, please find my $35 deposit payable to: Pecuniary Aid Exchange
    Pecuniary Aid Exchange
    P.O. Box 11469

    Phoenix, AX 85061

    ~Is it a scam?

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    Re: Vector Capital Blueprint: Seems Legit?

    I don't know if it's a scam but I received an offer from 'The U.S. Grant Observer ' and it's the same exact P.O.Box address as Pecuniary Aid!!

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    Re: Vector Capital Blueprint: Seems Legit?

    I know that whatever is in that document is free on Google. If you can search well choosing your keywords well, Google does not lack answers. Do not buy the product.

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