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    AC Motors in MN is a scam

    AC Motors & AC Finance(Automotive Concepts) in New Hope, MN is a total scam. If you post a car for sale they find your ad, promise you top dollar and offer to give you cash on the spot. However, when you get there, they drop their offer by thousands if you don't purchase another vehicle from them.


    Additionally if you want to finance a vehicle through them, they have tons of illegal costs. They charge $1999 for a repo charge incase they have to repo the car, this is non refundable even if you pay the vehicle off.

    They also make you buy a bogus extended warranty for $2000 which really isn't an extended warranty, it only covers the drive train for 5 years or 100,000 miles, the exact same coverage that comes with almost every vehicle today from the factory for no extra cost. They also force you carry GAP insurance which they charge an arm and a leg for, and require that you carry full coverage with no more than a $100 deductible.

    They purchase used cars, make cheap upgrades i.e add a spoiler, and mark the cars up way over their value. Their prices are at least $5000 over every other dealer around MN. As an example, they are selling a 2007 F150 with 80k miles, they want $20,000. I drove down the road and found a 2007 F150 FX4 with 45k miles for only $16999. I found nicer trucks all over for at least $4000 less then what they were charging. And they don't negotiate. They claim they don't mark their vehicles up more than a few hundred dollars to cover their costs. BS!!!

    They claim that they are selling customized cars when in reality they are not!

    I brought in a car with over $50k in customizations and they tried to tell me I only paid $5000. They also tried to tell me that my car had been repainted, when it has never been in an accident and I purchased it brand new from the dealer. And they added about 18k miles to what my odometer actually read when they priced my car against others they have purchased stock at auction.

    They are a huge Joke, John Prosser is the owner.


    Buyer be very ware!!!
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