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    Property Solutions Center


    Great board you have here! Has anyone heard of Property Solutions Center? Do you know if they are a legitimate company or not?

    They say that they can help people save their homes through foreclosure postponement, eviction delay, recission, and securitization audit services. This is their website:


    They also have physical offices, but they do not appear to have much of a history.

    Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!

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    Re: Property Solutions Center

    they prepared a securitization audit for me. the report is what i expected based on what they told me and the service is good. and they didnt make any exaggerated promises like some other places do.

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    Re: Property Solutions Center

    I used them in Dec 2011. They took my money and never sent me anything. The phone lines in California are always busy. I cant get a hold of them. I want to get my money back but that does not look like it will happen. If Property Solutions Centers
    calls you emails you or knocks on your door DO NOT ANSWER HANG UP THE PHONE AND DELETE THEIR EMAILS. I lost $2000.00
    to their scam!! :zx11pissed:

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    Re: Property Solutions Center

    Property Solutions Center had many problems. From my research and understanding, they are now out of business or at least pretending to be in order to escape prosecution for bad business practices. They were performing audits to find flaws in the ownership of mortgage notes tied to properties. In most cases, companies continually over-promise and under-deliver and then fly under the radar until disgruntled clients just fade away. They were tied with other companies to handle the loss mitigation or settling of cases prior to court, but I havent heard of any of the evidence from the audits having enough value to proceed with following step. I have spoken to multiple employees there, or past employees i guess you can say, that said they weren't even being paid on time, continually received bounced checks, and were eventually fired or forced to quit. All of their numbers are disconnected, and they no longer have any processing staff from my understanding, so I dont know how they could still be accepting files for their scheme to supposedly help homeowners.

    From my research it looks like they were also previously doing business under "American Law Firm" but that company is no longer around as well. They were a loan modification company and have even more complaints and scam reviews if you search for that company name!

    I would not advise anyone to do business with this firm and if you hired them for representation, I would look to try and get your money back if work was not performed and then file suit with the attorney general in your state.

    The contact information shows offices in California, Nevada and Arizona, but the registration of the site is private, and it's only been around since August 9.2011. (See Whois) So for all of its claims of what it tells you it would like to do for you, it has absolutely no track record on the web to indicate that it can actually do it. To the contrary. It's unknown to the Better Business Bureau. It is not registered with the Secretary of State as a lawful business entity in either Arizona or Nevada and does not match the particulars of a registered California business with a similar name
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