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    OurGV.com is it Real or Scam?

    OurGV.com is a MLM Work At Home Business **REAL or Scam?

    Has anyone experienced a positive response from this business?

    They use affiliate marketing through 1500 retailers throughout the USA.

    Concept is to build business over time with a monthly fee from $30 or more $ through the continual sponsoring of more and more people into the organization.

    My understanding is that you will be making money through the purchase of products from their internet site that may eventually help raise funds for nonprofit organizations of your choice.

    If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know.


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    Re: OurGV.com is it Real or Scam?

    I never deal with MLM companies. I think they are always a waste of time as they all end up in a disappointment.

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