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    Secret Home Data Entry Scam

    Greetings from Sri Lanka

    Honourable sir,

    I signed on with http://secrethomedataentry.com/ in July 23rd 2011 and actually enjoyed reviewing websites for grammar and typographical errors. I bought a package of 100 websites to review and before proceeding much

    further I requested an early payout in accordance with their terms and conditions. I was then notified that it

    would take 6 - 8 weeks to recieve such payout. This was NOT disclosed anywhere in the fine print. I patiently

    awaited for such payout and to date (October 2011) I have received NOTHING as compensation involving

    fromhomedataentry.com. Dozens of emails faxes and telephone calls have been made - NOTE that you will never reach a

    live person and can only leave messages that go unanswered.

    It is my desire to continue following the website and filing complaints with any and every agency available. Early

    on (when I was receiving a response back the response was poorly written and extremely unprofessional.

    I truly trusted this secrethomedataentry via a recommendation made by clixsense.com a reputed ptc site and was anxious to buy more packages yet the unwillingness to settle this matter is the ultimate sign of unprofessional and most likely an illegitimate businesss operation.

    For anyone else in the internet world that comes across my complaint please go to their website and see where they have been approved as a

    Scam Free Zone - PLEASE click on the link and file your complaint against them. They appear to be in the process of

    getting approved by the BBB and I encourage everyone who has gotten ripped off by them to follow their progress and

    then immediately contact the BBB with your story of deceit and fraud.

    Dear sir this was the 5th Reminder which I submitted to secrethomedataentry with regard to my inquiry of my work payment and I said to them via mail
    if you do not intend to respond and wish to evade my query then I am sorry there will be no option of me submitting your matter to a potential organization to reveal your company as a no. 1 subscription scam money exploiter under the shady banner titled secrethomedataentry and for exploiting the public & non payment of work done by me to secrethomedataentry.

    The subscribers have paid fee of 24 $ for their premium account for with no potential gains we have analized and

    found evidence and facts its just an international hoax hoodwink trading organization under the shady banner

    of secrethomedataentry.com and please remember that you dealing with an intellectual e-news media community in Sri

    Lanka where we wouldn't leave one stone unturned unless secrethomedataentry respond positively & be obliged to pay our dues with immediate effect I am legally entitled.

    We therefore will provide you with one last option of writing back to us along with my payment which is due.

    Your response is highly appreciated with immediate effect as early as possible to avoid consequences secrethomedataentry domain might encounter.

    We will try the legal method to put a stop to your worldwide fraud scam data entry survey scandal exploits and the vast amount of money which you have pilfered and plundered nationwide & exploiting the public fund.

    Secrethomedataentry has pilfered exploited swindled most the subscribers money in the internet and not paying them after completion of the bogus task assigned.

    Even though I crited and submitted my comments & issue not a single response came from them.

    Thanks in advance your support and your co-operations is highly appreciated.

    If there is anything that you wish to inquire kindly let me know.

    Zulfikcar Mackeen

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    Re: Secret Home Data Entry Scam


    After having Googled Secret Home Data Entry (referred to from now on as SHDE), I have found that there are TONS of people who have been ripped off and scammed by this company. So, all you who have been scammed by SHDE, come closer and listed. All of you who are thinking about joining SDHE, you come closer and listen too!

    I am going to tell you a little story about my personal experience with SHDE:

    On July 3, 2011 I made a payment from my checking account, through paypal, to “Secret Home Data Entry”. My husband and I agreed to have me sign up for the Platinum membership as it offered the best options. This membership offered 200 assignments and paid $10 per assignment. You received unlimited payout requests, and the opportunity to receive more assignments as they became available. The assignments are: going to a website and reviewing it, then filling out the form that accompanied the website link and submitting the completed form. I have done 50 of the assignments to date.

    In order to receive payment for the completed assignments, you have to request a payout. The payout takes 6-8 weeks to process. The “company” offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
    I completed 20 assignments and requested a payout of $200 on July 3rd, 2011. I completed another 17 assignments on July 4th, 2011 and requested another payout of $170.

    After a few weeks – towards the end of August – I start wondering about when the payment is going to come through. So I go to the website and log on, and look for their contact information so that I can ask them about the payout, will the payout be both July 3 and July 4 combined or will it be seperate, etc. There is NO contact information to be found on that site. None. So I go digging back through my emails and I come across my “Welcome” email that I received when I first signed up and I decide to try “replying” to that email. It worked and I received an answer. The email they sent back said that my payout request was due to be processed on Sept 3,2011. They also answered my other questions. So I wait for the payout. It is now several weeks past the money back guarantee. I finally send them an email on approx Sept 7th, asking what the status on the payout request was. I received NO answer. So I wait a few more days, and I send a second email. Again, I received no answer. So I started a dispute with Plimus.com as that is who Secret Home Data Entry sells through. I have copied all the conversations as of the writing of this complaint, and saved it to my computer.

    Secret Home Data Entry is now claiming that I did not follow the terms, so they could not issue a refund. They also claimed that I did not complete the assignments according to the terms of service, so they don’t owe me anything. I did mention (during the conversation in the Plimus.com dispute center) that since most people don’t have a photographic memory, most websites actually have access to their “Terms of Service” so that customers and members can access the Terms of Service whenever they need to. This website does NOT have TOS anywhere on the entire site. It is just as absent as the contact information.They claimed that they have “proof” of an email that was supposedly sent to me stating that my payout request had been denied, etc. I never received a single email from them after they answered my question about the payout requests. They also are now claiming that in that email (the one answering my payout request questions) they said that the payment was not guaranteed. It does not say that anywhere. Now, I might just be thinking about the word “processing” in terms from my brief stint in the Army, but to me, processing means the item/product/person is leaving from one place and going to another. When I went through Golf, I was outprocessing to leave the Army. I was leaving one place and going to another. So that email insinuated that I was going to be paid on Sept 3, 2011. The payment was going to be leaving the Secret Home Data Entry account and going to my account.

    They are making up a bunch of lies to keep from re******* me AND from paying me. They owe me money, and are refusing to pay it. They are refusing to honor the assignment payment agreement that IS listed on their site (and not once does it say anything about completing the assignments according to terms, nor does it list what those terms might be).To me, and to Wells Fargo, and to Plimus, AND to Paypal, this is fraud. Apparently Secret Home Data Entry doesn’t think so because they keep saying that it is too late for paypal or my bank to do anything about it.

    They owe me $500 for the work I did, and I also paid them the $49.95 to sign up. If they pay me the $500, then obviously I won’t argue about the sign up fee because then they will have delivered on the “goods” they promised me in exchange for my money and my work. According to the last email I received from Secret Home Data Entry personally (everything else has been conversations through the Plimus.com dispute center), they definitely owe me $200. If they pay even that amount, then that would be something.

    I am a stay at home mom. I researched this company after I started the dispute with Plimus, and I have found that just about every site you come across online about this company – Secret Home Data Entry – calls them a scam. This company has scammed a LOT of people out of their money. Other people may not have had the time to track all this down and file all the complaints and call all these people, but like I told Secret Home Data Entry, and Paypal, and Plimus.com, and WellsFargo – ” I have ALL day to do this and I am NOT giving up.” That money is food for my kids and diapers for my baby. I am not going to just sit by and let them scam me and everyone else out of their hard earned money.

    Ok, so like I said in my little story, I have started a dispute with Plimus.com – whoo-boy! If anyone is interested in seeing the conversation, please let me know and I will make a post specifically about that.

    Ok, so I went and check my email and found that the dispute and been updated again. I read what SHDE has to say, and FINALLY they give me a link to their Terms of Service. Guess what! In order to even be able to re-read the TOS, you have to act like you are going to sign up for a free account!! How ridiculous is that?! Who, in their right minds, is going to spend $25-$50 bucks on a membership and then go open a free account? Especially when you are told that you personally can not have more than one account? Ok, so I read through the TOS again and you would NOT believe the crap I found. In fact, let me copy and paste this for you – This is SHDE TOS:

    Terms and Conditions
    It will be your sole-responsibility to make sure that you have followed all of the terms. secrethomedataentry.com is not to be held responsible for any non-compliance. In order to receive payment for the free assignments you must upgrade your account to either a Pro Membership or a Platinum Membership. The prices of the memberships will vary depending on the market at the time of purchase and the prices may go up at anytime without notice. No payment will be made to any person who does not upgrade their account. Money in your account cannot be used to purchase an upgrade.
    Every term must be met in order to be paid for any single assignment. If even one term is not followed you will be unable to receive payment for that assignment.
    Pro members allowed to request payout once per package that you purchase. You will forfeit any assignments that are not completed before you request payout. Platinum members will be allowed to request payout as many times as they wish.
    The time that it will take us to process your payout request will be dependent upon the request volume at the time that you request payout and will not be less than 4 weeks. We will notify you at the time that you request payout an estimate of how long it will take to process your payout.
    You can only be paid for each completed assignment one time regardless of how many times you submit it. You may resubmit any assignment as many times as you need to if you feel that it is not adequate, however you will still only be paid for each assignment one time.
    The following terms need to be followed on every assignment in order to be paid for it (this includes the free assignments):
    1. The assignment number you enter while filling out step 2 of the assignments must be the correct assignment number in order to be paid for it. If you do not enter the correct assignment number you will not get paid for it. You will find the assignment numbers located at the top of each assignment page.
    2. You are not allowed copy information from the website in order to fill out the description. All questions must be answered in your own words.
    3. All of your assignments should not have answers that are the same for each assignment. For example you may not answer “I would not change anything”. For every answer to question number 4. Your answers must indicate that you have read the website, and must vary differently for each and every assignment. You will not be paid for any assignments that have the same answers as another one of your assignments. Every single assignment must be answered differently and in your own words.
    4. You should not repeatedly miss clear mistakes that are on the websites. On many of your assignments there will be clear mistakes that you will only see if you are reading the entire information. You will see things such as “oyu” or “hte” on these websites to test if you are actually completing your assignments. Each of these websites contains an average of 20 mistakes on them. Although we do not expect you find every single mistake on these websites we do expect you to find an average of at least 10 of them per website. If you do not find any mistakes on these site then you will not be compensated for any assignments that you submit. You need to find the mistakes, and then list the mistake along with the correction for the mistake. If no correction for the mistake is provided, then it is considered incomplete and you will not be compensated for the assignment. If you enter in “errors” that are not actually errors then you will not get paid for it. All spelling must be in American English.
    5. You are not allowed to complete an assignment if the website you are reviewing is down. If a website is down or not working, you are required to report it to us immediately. Completing an assignment when the site is down is cheating and if you do this, your account will be deleted and you will not be compensated for any of your assignments.
    6. You are required to use complete sentences being as descriptive as possible when you are completing your assignments in all of your answers for questions numbers 1, 3 and 4. A complete sentence must include the following: start with a capital letter, finish with proper punctuation, include a subject, and it must include a verb. Any fragment sentences will not be accepted. If you need information on what a complete sentence is CLICK HERE. You must also use proper spelling and grammar in your assignments. Abbreviations are not acceptable. You will not be paid for any assignments that are submitted without complete sentences being used.
    7. Your answers to questions 3 and 4 may not in anyway be avoided by answering with “I don’t think anything needs to be removed” or “I don’t think anything needs to be added”. Anything that is similar to these answers will not be accepted. Answers such as this are way of avoiding actually answering the question, and the companies will not pay for it. If you actually do feel that nothing needs to be changed, then you will be required to explain why or you will not be paid.
    * The fee is non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS, other than an error on our part that will prevent you in any way from being able to complete your assignments. You will not be refunded if you are not paid for non-compliance.

    Ok, so after you swallow all THAT BS, guess what – you also apparently don’t get any kind of email telling you that your payout request has been denied, no one returns your emails, you don’t even have a chance of getting your first payout request processed and payment made before their money-back guarantee is up (how…..coincidental….), and you can sit there and fill out forms all day long – and I DO mean ALL DAY LONG – and the system will accept them. It will add the total to your payment balance, etc. Then you request payout, it says it will take 6-8 weeks, then you decide to try and contact them, so you have to reply to your welcome email because there is no contact form/info anywhere on that entire site, you receive an email saying that your payment should be processed on such-n-such date, and then you never hear back from them!!!! WHAT!!!!!

    So. I now have Plimus, Paypal, and WellsFargo on my side trying to help me get a refund, AND I reported SHDE to the FBI Internet Investigation Services for Fraud. You can do this as well at http://www.IC3.gov . All I wanted was my refund. In fact, I would have been able to request my refund within the time line if they had answered my emails.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to copy/paste, and post this article – in its entirety- to every site you can because more people need to be aware. I have just written the most extensive article I have seen on the web yet about this particular company. Please share it with everyone you know.



    Read more http://naturalsoapsherbsandmore.com/...am/#comment-38

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    Re: Secret Home Data Entry Scam

    sorry - to get paid, you need to know who is paying and where they are.

    a webpage doesn't pay anybody like a billboard doesn't pay anybody.

    a real company operated by a real person has to pay.

    please notice that they claim a webpage can hold a copyright. it can't. a person or company has to enforce a copyright. this person or company apparently wants to remain anonymous, because their business is tricking people into sending money for nothing.

    whois -h whois.tucows.com secrethomedataentry.com ...
    2701 California Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98116


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    Re: Secret Home Data Entry Scam

    Please review & submit your humble comments to my blog post at...


    Kindly inform the rest of the world not to be deceived by this as stated below.

    fromhomedataentry.com including scamfreecertified.com & many more who supported and worked on behalf of them in order to exploit the public.

    A kind humble request to all my friends propagate & make awareness.

    I trying my level best to regain my payment from them whoever it may be.

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    Re: Secret Home Data Entry Scam

    Stay away from such companies. I would not advice anyone who wants to make money online to engage in such programs especially data entry.

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