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    Elizabeth Weidlich Chiropractor/ SCAM ARTIST

    I am writing this to expose Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich!
    I was a patient that was scamed by this woman who calls herself a Doctor. Dr. Weidlich D.C. conducts her scam by taking advantage of people with medical conditions including: back pain, weight problems, severe spinal problems, and any reason to "adjust" someone.

    Dr. Elizabeth told me she accepted my medical insurance. On my first visit I tried to pay my co-pay but was told I owed a % not a $20 co-pay. Trusting this lady I paid it, turned out to be $80. On my second visit I was given a "program" that was over $3,000 for treatment she insisted I needed. I asked why my insurance was not being charged for my care, I was never given a good answer. Instead she smiled and joked with me trying to lighten the mood and make what she was doing seem alright... I didnt except her program and told her to bill my insurance for my care. After being pushed to come in 3 xs a week I started talking to other patients in the waiting room and found out that she has been doing this to everyone. I called my insurance carrier only to confirm that she was not in my network and was never in my network. SHE LIED! After months of going to appointments 3xs a week I was not getting better. I was being rushed in and out, being booked with other people at the same time. This Dr. Elizabeth runs around the office in a hurry trying to rush one patient after another in and out of her asembly line. She lied about my insurance, she never took her time, her kid was at the office and he was outragious! He has no manners, as a matter of fact he exposed himself in the waiting room. The "Doctor" just smiled like it was ok. I have never been in such an unprofessional office in my life. (ive been around for awhile) I stopped going, and then the phone calls started..... over and over. One day she called me 3xs! She even called me at my job! This lady is just plain greedy and it is now clear (after i got a bill for $1,800.00) that she is only in practice for the money, she pushes person after person in and out of her office as fast as she can to make as much money in as short of a time as she can manage. I have never seen such desperation in a medical office. Dr. Elizabeth is desperate, greedy, pushy, and just a plain scam artist! I feel so taken advantage of, and I will not lie down and be used for my money by a Doctor of all people. I have done my research on this lady this is what I found: She has been in the country for over 30 years from South Africa selling snake oil and stealing peoples money, never bothering to even become an American Citizen! She is currently under investigation with the following:
    IRS, Blue Cross, Medicare, Orange County Health Dept,


    This is where she conducts this scam:

    Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich D.C.
    10900 Los Alamitos Blvd. Suite 141
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720
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    Re: Elizabeth Weidlich Chiropractor/ SCAM ARTIST


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    Re: Elizabeth Weidlich Chiropractor/ SCAM ARTIST

    The events in this story about Vitality Chiropractic Wellness so eerily resemble my experience with the woman in charge I had to tell it on this forum with the hope that no one else will fall victim to this cunning money hungry practice. After landing in the ER for back pain I decided to consult chiropractor Elizabeth Weidlich in search for a durable cure. Little did I know that not only she is not qualified to administer pain relief whatsoever but she is also a scam artist at best. Her initial attempt to adjust me landed me on the floor and nearly broke my arm so we stopped doing adjustments. For the next 2 weeks she would use a machine she claimed to have spent half a million dollars on to administer some sort of clicking down my spinal cord for a total of 3 minutes which did not alter my condition in the least bit. Yet somehow she managed to interrupt this super quick and futile exercise almost every time I was there to tend to other patients. On some days she would suggest to turn the process over to her receptionist which I declined every time until it got way too busy. Her primary goal which she spent 15 mins out of the 20 mins I was there every night seemed to convince me to prepay a total of $3500 for a 6-month commitment and save $1000 in the process. Her reasoning was that the initial cheap 2-week regimen for which I paid personally after she claimed she couldn't contact my insurance will not guarantee any major improvement compared to the extended 6-month program given the benefits of her mightier machines waiting in line, the extender, the adjuster and so forth. When I refused to pay and stopped going to her clinic she started mailing me bills for services that were never rendered even though my unsuccessful treatment was paid for in full. Recently she graduated to the new phase of threatening me with collection proceedings. I understand chiropractic is not an exact science but I've had some wonderful results in the past with other seemingly qualified chiropractors. So more than anything I feel this woman should be barred from practicing or at a minimum she should be investigated for fraud given her deceitful tactics, her billing practices, and most importantly her unsubstantiated ability to heal.

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