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    Paid to Click/read/signup

    I have been following this closely and have seen 2 major sellers on ebay selling signups/hits. I joined some paid to click sites that claim to give between $10-$300 per click. Are these considered scams even if you get paid? When advertisers signup for example it tells them their add will be sent out in a $300 paid to read format so would it still be a scam then.....???

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    Re: Paid to Click/read/signup

    I doubt they are told people will be paid to click their adds, and I doubt that you could get even $5 a click. Scam.

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    Re: Paid to Click/read/signup

    The max ive seen is $2.00 a click but the company take out like 40% so its really $1.20 and that all depends on the search keyword which for me was links to casinos.

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