I'm currently completing offers for an iMac from computer-offer.com and one of the offers I chose was bargan.com's 30-day trial for $1. In order for the offer to be completed, I had to keep the trial going for at least 7 days. On the 8th day after the status had been reported as "completed", I called in to cancel the membership. I was very polite to Sara (alias used) when she asked if I found the site useful. I responded, "Sara, I'm going to be honest with you because I value your time... I paid for the 30-day trial because I was referred from a third-party gift site. With that said, I don't really have any interest in staying with the bargain.com site."

Sara thanked me for my honesty and then said, "Just one more thing, I have some gift cards available if you sign up for some other 30-day trials. Would you be interested in them?" I asked what the catch was, and she said that I would have to pay $1 for the 30-day trial, then they would send the gift cards to me. She even told me that I should call back in three days to cancel the trials and I would only be charged $1.

I agreed, and she read through the 5 scripts. After that, she went back and gave me all the 800 numbers to call to cancel with. She was very helpful and was happy to give me these cards.

So here's what I ended up with:

At Home Rewards ($25 Gas)
Passport To Fun ($25 Walmart)
24 Protect Plus ($25 Gas)
Premier Health Plus ($25 Sears)
Privacy Matters ($25 Sears)

Like I said, each trial only costs $1, so if you do the math, that's $120 for making a few phone calls! This works out perfectly because I had estimated that the total amount of money I am putting into getting the iMac would be around $120 with all the shipping charges, and free trials that I had to pay for.