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    Lamictal - Bad side effects, useless for bipolar!

    My doctor prescribed Lamictal for bipolar disorder in April 2011. Prior to beginning treatment I researched side effects. Multiple patient reports described memory impairment and overall cognitive slowing. In addition, many reported Lamictal worsened mania and increased racing thoughts.

    My doctor said not to worry and assured me Lamictal does not slow cognition or lead to mania. I took it. Six months later, I am having difficulty reading, speaking, concentrating, and my memory is impaired. My hormones were affected. Lamictal increased my prolactin, causing me to miss my period twice.

    The patients were right! I learned the hard way to always trust patients! THE PATIENT REPORTS WERE 100% ACCURATE.

    Guess how the FDA approved Lamictal for bipolar disorder? The FDA reviewed results of studies conducted by GlaxoSmithKline sponsored researchers! No tangible scientific evidence at all.

    Please do your research. It's useless for the treatment of bipolar.


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