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    GREGG S. MARCUS is a Insurance SCAM ARTIST

    Gregg Marcus is a Financial SCAM ARTIST.
    For your own sake do NOT do Business with him or his Firm.
    GREGG MARCUS is Currently in the INSURANCE BUSINESS. He would have you believe that he has years of Insurance Experience but truth be told its only his first year. He was actually a Sub-Prime Mortgage Broker up untill 2010.
    His former Company Somerset Mortgage Lenders Co. was shut down and is now out of Business. He is known in the Financial Industry as a "Bait and Switch" Broker. What that means is that He will Quote (Sell) You a very Attractive Deal and then He will Change it at Closing.

    Gregg Marcus has a History of Bad Business Practices. Marcus not only ripped off his Clients but he also cheated his Employees.
    Gregg Marcus was not paying his Employees Correctly. This led to a Class Action Lawsuit and The Courts forced Gregg Marcus to pay out the money that was owed to his former workers.

    GREGG MARCUS, NY is a CONVICTED FELON and should NOT be in the Financial Industry. You can do a Google Search and find His old Court Transcripts.
    Marcus and his Company was involved in Loan Application Fraud, BANK FRAUD, Tax Evasion, and this led to GREGG MARCUS getting Convicted of a FELONY.

    Gregg Marcus has so many Internet Articles exposing his Bad Business Practices that as a counter measure he paid a Tech Support Team to create Web Sites to help counter the Bad Press. In his Fabricated Web Sites Marcus Self Proclaims that he is a "Humanatarian".
    But if you do a Google Search for "Gregg Marcus" The Very First and Number One Google Search Hit is an article like this one exposing him as a SCAM ARTIST

    Just a small piece of advice.
    Before you decide to do any Financial Business with anyone take the time and do a quick Google Search.
    You might be surprised by what you find :

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    Re: GREGG S. MARCUS is a Insurance SCAM ARTIST

    I searched in Google with "Gregg Marcus" but i didn`t find any thing like scam against him

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    Imagine how many people would eat better if insurers refused to pay for illness caused by the consumption of toxic waste passing itself off as healthy food. In this respect we see clearly the insurance barons promoting illness and needless suffering in society.
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