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    LoanModHelpCenter.com/ LoanSafe.org are they LEGIT

    Hello, I am just curious if the LoanSafe.org website is a legitimate site?? Also if LoanModHelpCenter.com that is affiliated with LoanSafe.org is legitimate?? I have a friend that has recently contacted the LoanModHelpCenter and spoke with a person that told them they could help with a loan mod. They had done a 3way call to get all the numbers from there mortgage company while telling there mortgage company they were just a friend trying to help , After the call they proceeded to tell them they could help them the numbers were all there for a mod, and they have a choice to get a rest report but it would be up to them if they get the report or not but it would help in negotiating the loan mod which would cost around $715 ! If they purchased the report! All in all they said they would help with the papers and be the in-between with there mortgage company and they wouldn't pay anything out of pocket till the end if they get the mod and it would be $3500 if no mod no need to pay. Please I am worried for my friend that this is a scam I have been looking and have seen alot of complaints for loanSafe but have found nothing for LoanModHelpCenter!
    Thanks in Advance!
    Sorry for such a long message!

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    Re: LoanModHelpCenter.com/ LoanSafe.org are they L

    Wish I could give you some information but I never used this site for taking out personal loans, short term loans or any form of loans but I already seen this site. Hope someone could answer your question soon. You can browse the net, I think there are some reports about this site. Anyway, it's good to hear that you're taking precautions when it comes to this kind of money lending transactions.

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