Wanted to warn everyone off from Team Gunther KIA in Daphne, AL (near Mobile, AL).

We bought a used car from them, and they lied and manipulated us throughout the deal. We drove from out of state, so I guess they thought we were an easy mark. When we finished signing the papers, the salesmen quickly locked the showroom doors and drove off!

They refused to honor their warranty, so we are driving around in a car with no a/c and a host of other problems it was not supposed to have. We even had to drive back (from out of state) so they could complete a *safety inspection* that's required prior to sale, and they said was done, but wasn't. And in spite of then being literally yelled at and called named by the salesman and manager, they still wouldn't fix the a/c!

They also did not pay the balance they said they would when our trade-in was delivered (from out of state).

They flat-pout lied about the condition of the vehicle we bought, as proved later by the CarFax report.

The title paperwork was held up for a month, then done incorrectly. So we drove around with no tags or title for quite a while.

The list does go on... It's pretty sad.

And there's an arbitration agreement, so I can't just sue, and the arbitration is a scam in and of itself.

Check my post on thesqueakywheel, too.