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Thread: Busted again

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    Busted again

    Perry lies again about Texas Gardasil scandal, claims woman he met after signing executive order lobbied him to pass it

    The more Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to defend his decision to sign an executive order in 2007 mandating that all young girls in Texas receive vaccinations against the human papillomavirus (HPV) before being admitted to school, the more he exposes himself as a lying scoundrel that is unfit to govern his own state, let alone lead a nation.

    During the recent Republican presidential debate in Orlando, Fla., Perry tried once again to defend his infamous Gardasil blunder, this time by telling the heart-tugging story of a woman he met and got to know who had cervical cancer. He told the audience and viewers Thursday night that the reason he signed the executive order was because the woman lobbied him to do so.

    "I got lobbied on this issue," said a calm and composed Perry. "I got lobbied by a 31 year old young lady who had stage-four cervical cancer. I spent a lot of time with her. She came by my office. She talked to me about this program. I readily admitted we should have had an opt-in (for the mandate) but I don't know what part of opt out most parents don't get. The fact is I was on the side of life and I will always be on the side of life as a governor and as president of the United States."

    A charming and sweet story, really -- except for the fact that it is not true. According to ABC News, Perry signed the vaccine executive order before he met the young woman, not after, as he claims. The woman did, according to reports, lobby in favor of upholding the executive order after it had been signed (which the legislature eventually overturned), but she did not play a role in Perry's original signing of it.

    Unlike the petty issues that typically bog down the presidential campaigning process, Perry's Gardasil scandal is gravely serious and needs to be exposed. After all, the vaccine that he pushed is implicated in causing thousands of serious and permanent injuries, and potentially hundreds of known deaths, which is a far cry from his empty rhetoric about "being on the side of life" (http://truthaboutgardasil.org/).

    Perry was truthful about one thing, though. He was lobbied to sign his executive order. But this lobbying appears to have come from Merck & Co., the manufacturer of Gardasil, not a heart-wrenching victim of cervical cancer (http://www.naturalnews.com/033571_R...).

    Sources for this story include:

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    Re: Busted again

    I'm more worried by the fear of immunisations and vaccines, personally.

    After all, the vaccine that he pushed is implicated in causing thousands of serious and permanent injuries
    Really? How many were actually related to the vaccines, and how many have had no adverse reaction, and how many lives could be saved?

    I dont know. Who here does?

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    Re: Busted again

    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza. View Post
    So, your freedom of choice is more important than the welfare of your family?

    You decide not to wear your seat belt and die in a MVA. Your family is denied an insurance payout because of your stupidity.

    Same applies if you think your head won't burst like a watermelon if it comes into contact with the side of a car or the asphalt.

    Laws are put in place to protect the families of ignoramuses like you.

    They're not neccessarily there to protect dickheads.

    You're a dickhead, are you protected?
    Yeah, but hey, we're white!
    Romney/Ryan Campaign 2012

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