Larry Adams attorney Corpus Christi has written up a proposed order for the Court to sign that is not accurate (not the same as what the Judge actually Ordered). The Judge will sign it not knowing of Larry Adams' trickery and deceit.

He will create specific deadlines never made by the judge. He will create grater obligations than the judge made.

The lawyers as a team will not send you the tricky false order (including your own lawyer -- don't trust your lawyer either; don't trust him to read the order or send you the order).

By the time you get the order (you have to ask for the order yourself), it is too late to comply with obligations that you never knew you had. If you complaint about this, Larry Adams will start accusing you of not doing things you are not even required to do. He will act all offended that his scam got discovered and that you complain about his scam.

The bottom line is that you should never trust Larry Adams to write an honest order. You should not trust your own lawyer either. They work together to deceive and steal children. They think they have the right to do this. Total sleaze.